Introducing post

Hello there, I am new on this blogg and this is the first time I blogg in English. I had a Swedish blogg when I were younger but I haven’t written in it for over a year because I had too much to do in school.

A bit about me
I am Alexandra but call me Alex or Alec and I’m 19 years old. English is my second language so I can’t speak it fluently so I may do a lot of mistakes. I’ll try to use dictionaries and such stuff so that my spelling will become right at least but I can’t promise you that my grammar will be flawless or even close to it xD

In this blogg I will write about almost anything, what I think about religion, my own believes, paranormal stuff, laws, Japan, anime and a lot of other stuff. I will also have a Swedish category where I will only write in Swedish if I want to talk about something that I don’t know how to write in English or maybe I just feel like writing a Swedish post sometimes now and then because I’m too tired to write in English. But for the most I will keep to writing in English. Maybe later when I have learned more Japanese and will have to practice it more then maybe I will have a Japanese category too. Maybe it won’t be as serious as the English and Swedish section because it will mostly be because I shall practice my Japanese but if you can read Japanese then maybe you want to read it anyway just to see how much I fail xD

Well, as you already have figured I am studying Japanese. I have studied it during three years but I’m only a newb in it. Mostly because I haven’t gone any intensive courses and I have had a lot in school for these three years so I haven’t been able to study it seriously. But I am going to study Japanese in Japan in one or two years, depending on how fast I can get a job now. Hopefully I will be able to take the JLPT N5 as fast as I get to Japan, I don’t have that much left to study before I can what is needed for that test. It’s mostly the kanji that I need to learn.

This was my first blogg post, I hope I have made a good first impression and I hope to see you all later ^^ 


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