Just a boring post because I felt like writing something

Today has been a long day and I won’t really write about anything interesting at all. (Aren’t I honest? ^^)

I were in school and nothing happened there. We watch a movie for the first lesson and then we had a lesson without any teacher, then there were no lessons for three hours and the lesson that followed were only a lesson were we talked about how our latest concert went. At our last lesson we just watched a movie. So I were away from home from seven in the morning to six in the evening just so that I could do nothing at all. Wohoo, not a waste of time at all.

But when I come home I got a happy surprise at least. One of my roleplay partners (actually my only roleplay partner since I have been too busy with school lately and not have had time to roleplay with people so I have let a lot of roleplays die) wrote in our roleplay just an hour before I got home 😀 She and I have been busy lately so we haven’t been able to roleplay much but now we are writing an awesome fighting scene x) And we are playing three characters at the same time xD I will probably write my last post for tonight now and then go to bed.

Oyasuminasai minna-san!


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