Music tests tomorrow

I am so nervous, I have a test tomorrow in song. I shall perform five songs in front of two of my teachers. I have written one of the songs myself and I am pretty confident in that that song will go somewhat good, then there is a classic song that goes high like hell and I am so afraid of screwing up on that one Dx I haven’t learned the text completely yet. (Oops)
Then there is one that  I shall sing without any comp and it is always one note that I screw up in that one. The last two is no problem, they will probably go well. (I hope) If not then I’m screwed because there is no time before I graduate to do a new test to change the grade. x)

At the same day I have a test in piano, I shall do für Elise and I still haven’t learned the flow on that one yet xb I know where the notes are but I can’t get it up in the right tempo. But I have already showed him with another song that I can play after notation so even if I can’t für Elise completely yet I should still get a grade.

It feels so sad that high school will end. Middle school were a pain in the ass and I were forced to go there for nine years, now when I got to a school that I actually liked then I just have three years there. So unfair. But as they say, high school never ends 😉

Me and some friends sat and sang on that song outside today as we waited… Well I waited for the buss and I don’t know what they waited for. But we waited. There were a competition in school today where we rowed. Our class lost xD But we didn’t get last place, we got fourth. We are a music class and no one were able to hold the right tempo when we rowed. I and another guy sat first in the boat so we decided the tempo, but then a lot of people didn’t hold the right tempo so it got fucked up and we lost xD I am so disappointed. Almost… But you know what I think.

Well, if you mention the barrels then you have to put up a random pewdiepie video 😉

The last thing I want to say is that I am watching a Japanese movie, a movie I have seen before but I wanted to see it again. It is named infection and are about a hospital where an infection is spread and … it is very very very weird… Its a movie that you have to see but at the same time wish you hadn’t seen. xD I can’t even explain the movie. You can watch it on youtube with English subtitles, I highly recommend it even though it is psycho as hell.

Oh and one more thing, I have like fifteen other categories that I will write in but right now I don’t have time to actually write anything else than diary-blog-thingies. And I don’t have any inspiration to write anything else. But this will be filed with other stuff than only my boring everyday life xD


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