Exam in piano and song

Today I had an exam in piano and another exam in song. You who read my blog yesterday probably knows that it was Für Elise that I were going to play on my piano test. It didn’t go that good but I at least didn’t get F. On my song test I made a mistake in one of the songs because I forgot the lyrics but it went pretty good anyways.

Tomorrow we have our last concert with the choir in church and that day will probably become really stressful. First we will have a small concert in school, then I have to rush to a lesson to do a presentation and then I have to rush down to town to eat an early lunch before we have to go to the church and rehears before the concert.

One thing that me and my friend have discussed a lot of times that is a bit funny is that when I started in music school three years ago I wanted to sing more “evanescence-like” music because I liked that kind of music then. But when I got to my second year and we had our classical music then I noticed that I loved to sing classical music and church music. The funny thing with that is that I don’t believe in God, I don’t like churches that much because they are places for believers and I almost feel mean to walk into a church without even accepting the christian believes. And still it is classical music that often are about religion that I like singing the most xD I think it’s a bit funny, but maybe I have a weird kind of humor.

I don’t have anything more to say now so bye bye everyone


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