Choir concert today!

Right now I am sitting in school, we have had our first concert for the school now and shall have another one around seven this afternoon. Right now I and a couple of friends are sitting in the computer room and are preparing for a presentation in psychology that are in an hour. I am pretty nervous for the concert this evening because there is one song which I have a solo in because I didn’t get to be in our last concert with the class. Hopefully I won’t fail and forget the lyrics. Btw, I don’t have a spelling checker on this computer so I have no idea if I fail in writing in English right now.

Wish me good luck or bad luck or don’t wish me anything at all to the concert tonight and I will talk more with you tomorrow. Or maybe I write a post when I get home if I have any strenght in me to turn on the computer.
Bye bye amigos!


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