Dance pewdie, DANCE!

I am so tired after the concert yesterday. My feet were hurting the whole evening from standing in the church and today when I went to school it were raining. And of course I am a poor student so I don’t really have that good shoes so the water went right threw to my feet and I got cold and wet. When I went home from school it was still raining and I got even more wet. So now I have been half sleeping in the couch some hours while watching teen titans.

I have also been reading a lot of rage comics and watched pewdiepie dance. I hope he does a lot more videos from “just dance 3” xD I don’t think that pewdie has ever finished a dance, he always stops after half the song. I don’t think that I would do it better though xD hahah My condition is horrible xD I should go to Göteborg and meet pewdiepie and have a competition with him to see who have the worst condition xD But it will take a lot of hours to drive to Göteborg and I don’t think my dad wants to drive me there just so that I maybe gets to meet pewdie xD hahaha Oh well, here you have a pewdiepie video 😉

I’m seriously about to fall asleep now so I shall leave you, but maybe I aren’t leaving anyone at all, there isn’t anyone reading this anyway xD I thought about loading up some drawings I have made, but I will do that later. (It isn’t really awesome good drawings, I made them 2007 and earlier so I were around 14 years old and younger at some of them. SO DON’T EXPECT TO MUCH! I haven’t been able to paint that much lately because I just haven’t had time, so there isn’t much new to show. The only new I have isn’t on the computer yet so I can’t upload it yet.)


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