Internet war because of a hairy armpit?

Guess who has woken up, ME!
That didn’t take long 😉 I just drank some coke and then I were wide awake again xD and when that happened I started to think about a thing that happened months ago during the song competition to decide which Swedish band that would go to Eurovision song contest.

A woman in the audience rose from her seat and jumped in joy and had raised her arms so that her armpits were showing and she hadn’t shaved them. (Later she said to the reporters that she had never shaved her armpits. ) Some people were like “Oh, look. She hasn’t shaved her armpits, that’s something you don’t see everyday.” Then forgot about it. (Read that on a Swedish blog) Some were like “Don’t care”
And those reactions are totally fine, and even thinking that it is a bit weird can be fine, but the thing a lot of people did was not fine.

This was what happened.
People started to comment and harassing her for not shaving her armpits. They said it were disgusting and unhygienic. I don’t know if this was true but what I have read it was mostly men that commented that. (I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S TRUE SO DON’T COMMENT ME FOR BEING A MAN HATER, CUZ I’M NOT)

But man or woman, commenting something so ridiculous is just absurd. We have hair on our body on places that needs to be protected. There is nothing unhygienic about it, it is more hygienic to have hair than to not have it. Then it is up to everyone themselves if they want to have hair on different places or not. I don’t think it looks so nice with shaved heads all the times but I don’t comment “you’re disgusting and ugly” for that.

So what happened after this woman had showed herself and everyone commented that she were ugly because she didn’t shave her armpits. Well, it became a war on facebook, because every time something happens it will become a war. Just like with Justin Bieber and Twilight. Half the population says yes and half says no just because. Some times those who say yes just do it because the person is hot and doesn’t even care about the music or movie while others says no without reading the book or listening to the music, they just have to be anti.

Okay, back to the topic.
Feminists became angry and went out and showed their hairy armpits to the public just to show that it actually exists. Of course they got hated right away and men wrote to them that they would never get sex because they were ugly and so on.

My conclusions of all these kinds of things that happens is that apparently people can’t live without war. If they can’t have war where people dies all around them then they go out and have war on internet about idiotic stuff.

I were forced to make this a bit shorter than I wanted to because my parents are getting upset because I don’t come down and take my dinner.  So bye bye!


One thought on “Internet war because of a hairy armpit?

  1. lilithrose76 says:

    I didn’t shave my underarms for almost 10 years, and no lover ever complained or said anything negative, some loved it, and my friends frequently commented that i was the only woman they knew that didn’t shave under her arms and that i was also the most feminine woman they knew.
    Your right, some people will take any opportunity to try to outcast or ridicule women. I remember seeing Deborah Conway perform at a music awards show when I was 18, so 18 years ago, so beautiful and elegantly dressed, singing and playing her guitar, then at the end she raised one of her arms and showed her un-shaved under arm hair, and i instantly loved her more. it took moving to a hippy town when i was 21 for me to embrace this myself, I lived there for 5 years and only decided to shave my underarms almost 5 years later as a sort of cleansing, it was that or shave my head, and that wasn’t going to happen. And as a side note, i never had b/o with under arm hair, but since shaving now need deodorant in summer. so it is far from unhygenic. thanks for posting this 🙂

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