Green lantern has become gay! Time for people to start a war about it :D

Today I read in the newspaper that Alan Scott (the original green lantern from 1940) made a comeback and had become gay. This was apparently very disturbing for a lot of people in America.

This is a bit of what was written in our Swedish newspaper aftonbladet (I translated it from Swedish so it could be a bit wrong):
The christian mothergroup “One million moms” have made a letter writing program to get rid of this stupidity.
-This is pathetic! Why would homosexual adult men need to have superheroes as role models? They just want to influence young men by putting homosexual characters on a pedestal, they write.

Well, I don’t think it has ever been about making a superhero role model for adult homosexual men. Isn’t it more about to show that homosexuality exists and are acceptable today? Why wouldn’t a man and a man be able to have a relationship just as a woman and a man?

A man and a man can fall in love in the exact same way as a man and a woman, but just because it is unnatural for some people should they really not get to be together? It’s not like people choose who they are going to fall in love with or which gender that person will have.

Maybe some says that it is against nature… WRONG! There is a lot of animals where gay relationships actually have been spotted. Are animals also against nature then? xD I will¬†definitely write a post about homosexuality in the nature some time soon. But I don’t want to make this post way too long.

This topic suddenly made me think about a documentary I saw a while ago, it were named Americas most hated family and were about a small community of christian’s. They thought that their belief where the only right one and everyone else would go to hell if they didn’t believe as them. Of course homosexuality weren’t allowed in their belief either.

I couldn’t help but get angry at them threw the whole documentary. I am a person that thinks that everyone has a right to believe in whatever they want and I accept that these people thinks as they do. BUT I don’t accept all the things they do. They don’t even talk to their own daughter because she stopped believing in their belief. Then I get angry at the people that sees their signs too and hates the family so much because there are some that throw things at them and violence is bad even though I wouldn’t have reacted as strongly on it if they hadn’t thrown things at their kids that doesn’t have much choice but to follow their family at that age.

Actually, human in general just makes me rage! Today I read in the paper that a man fell asleep on a bench in Stockholm and woke up because another man were raping him. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE WORLD? But this had nothing to do with religious or politic peoples thought about homosexuality… Sorry.. I just rage a bit too much sometimes.

Oh well, here you have a video documentary of the most hated family in America. (It’s the name of the documentary, don’t bully me for it Dx I don’t know why I said that!) And I guess I see you later when I shall rage on something else ^^

Here’s also a second documentary where the man that made the documentary comes back to the family to see how things is going four years later.


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