Just some old drawings!

I promised you that I would put up some pictures I had drawn. Remember, this is pictures I made when I were 14 years old and younger so they aren’t that good. x)

This one was made before I had learned to draw heads that weren’t as big as the body xD 

A thing I made in eight grade when we were going to draw a hand that was holding something. 

I think I were a bit bored during a lesson and were just making something random.

I think I looked at another persons drawing and wanted to draw it because it were so cute so this is a drawing of another persons drawing xD

I loved Ben ten when I were younger so of course I were forced to draw one of his alien thingies xD

I made this one in school during a lesson!

When I started to like death note I decided to draw my favorite characters (I think I were fifteen years old when I did this pictures)

Of course I had my little ouran host club period too 😉

Then I also had a period in my life when I wanted to paint on the computer (which I can’t do that easy now because I don’t have a real computer mouse since I got a laptop, so it’s a bit hard to paint on the computer)

(The same picture after some coloring, it is not finished and I haven’t even finished it today even though I started years ago. I will probably never finish it either xD)

That was all I had for now, I have made some pictures from hetalia just a year ago so those are a bit better than this drawings. As I said, this was drawn when I were fourteen, some when I were younger and some when I were a bit older. So they aren’t that good xD I mostly took those which I liked the most so the really bad drawings aren’t here xD Trust me, I have done far worse 😉


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