Why I hate people!

Today I got a bit angry, once again because humans are idiots. I’m not saying that I am the only smart one, I am as much idiot as you are. The reason why we all are idiots is because we have different point of view, and there will always be at least one person that thinks that your point of view is idiotic. And if everyone on earth has at least one person that thinks that that persons point of view is idiotic then every person on earth will become idiots.
Then it is the fact that we are destroying earth, torturing animals, some people kills their own species while others takes advantage of that killing to earn money. *cought* newspapers *cought*
What I’m saying is that humans just aren’t so humane as they should be.

BUT this isn’t what I came to write about, I came here to rage about sex and children. *counts the seconds until the people picks up their jaws again* I wonder if someone misunderstood that.. Not sex and children at the same time, just sex and then after that I will talk about children x)

This is the story, I were surfing on the net as usual today when I took a break from cleaning my room. A very long break..
And then I got interested in reading about the belief of suicide bombers getting 72 virgins, I don’t know why that suddenly hit me but I started to search on google (in Swedish so you will probably not get the same results as I) and I searched on the words “72” “virgins” “dies” I were going to write dead but of some reason it became dies. It’s just one letter away in Swedish so it’s easier to write wrong in Swedish than English xD “dör, död”

Anyways, instead of getting the story of that belief I got up some discussions about how old the oldest virgin had become. I just went “… What the fuck?” Seriously, he/she asked if there were some record taker for the oldest virgin. As if someone even have thought about that xD Then they got into a deep discussion (I read around four pages of their discussion) and there were some people that wrote a bit disturbing things.

“If you haven’t had sex in your whole life then you haven’t achieved what’s important” Or something like that had one person written, they thought that sex were one of the most important things a human must do and they will regret it so badly if they don’t. Why would I regret being an virgin for the rest of my life if I have chosen to be that?  If you never have tasted caviar then you can’t miss it because you don’t know if you think it’s good or not. I can’t miss sex because I don’t know what it feels like. I can’t regret not doing something when I don’t know how it feels and I can as well regret doing it if I do it just to do it. So I say FUCK OFF, there are people that doesn’t need sex and I am one of them. Maybe one day I decide that “this is the guy that I want to have sex with” and maybe I have sex and maybe I don’t, but every human has a right to chose if they want to have sex or not and just because you die as a virgin doesn’t mean that you have failed in any way.

A little later in the thread I saw a person that wrote that you have failed as a human if you don’t get children and your genes get passed to the next generation… What is that for bullshit? For the first, children is living people and you MUST be able to take care of them, have money and food to take care of them and have the WILL to take care of them. If you don’t have that then you can’t become a mother/father because that will cause trouble for the children and yourself. For the second, what do I care if my genes get to the next generation or not? Some people say that you live threw your genes but that’s just crap, when I die then I die it doesn’t matter if my genes have lived on or not.

But the survival of the species then? I don’t care, I just think about my own survival and we humans are too many anyways, if all people on earth got children then we wouldn’t have enough food, not enough houses, not enough of anything. It’s just good that some people don’t get kids. And when I am dead then I won’t care if our species survives or not, and trust me you won’t either when you are lying in a grave and gets eaten by worms.

Think about it like this, there are so many children that are starving, gets thrown out on the streets, abandoned by parents, have parents that can’t take care of them. Why make more children? TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN THAT NEEDS HELP INSTEAD. Adopt a kid instead of creating a new one. Or adopt one and get a child with your genes 😀 PERFECT SOLUTION xD But when you have sex and gets a kid with your husband, isn’t it a bit like spitting in a homeless childs face and saying “Fuck you I don’t want to adopt you because you have the wrong genes. Mine are better and you can die”

But of course, if you don’t want to adopt then you shouldn’t, if you want to have your own kid with your own genes then you should, if you don’t want to have a child at all then you shouldn’t because it’s up to everyone of you to decide for yourself what to do. I for example have decided to not have sex and not have kids because I don’t feel like that is the right thing for me. But I can as well change in the next ten year and become whore and have sex with everyone instead. We don’t know what the future has to offer us.

I know I seem a bit more bitchy than usual today, I have looked way to much on Magnus betneér so I have started to get his sarcasm on my brain (he’s a Swedish comedian but has done some English stuff to) So don’t take everything too seriously in this post, but still think about it seriously.

Have a good day all parents, non-parents and whatever you are.


One thought on “Why I hate people!

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