Parent logic and hallucinations

I love how I always tend to get sick when I least want to get sick. Tomorrow I will graduate and I have become sick xD My throat hurts and my sinus is fucked up so I sound like a fucking cartoon character right now x) I have also had some funny hallucinations, both when I woke up after four hours of sleep and some later in the day. I hallucinated that a woman were staring at me and she looked like the grudge but without the white face Dx  It was creepy! That were probably because I had seen the grudge the day before and because I were so damn tired right then.

Then I got another hallucination when I walked to school, first I thought I saw a woman that were waving at me but it was a bird that sat and flapped with his wing.  (saw it like five seconds after I thought that someone were waving at me) Then just some meters later I saw a man standing on the street but as I got closer it only were a… I don’t remember what it was but something that wasn’t alive and it were human made. Then when I got to the bus station and were waiting for my bus I saw another person but that time it was a bike.

And all these hallucinations came just when I got sick? Coincident? Pff, I DON’T THINK SO!!!!! Now the grudge girl will haunt my dreams forever o.O

My class is a bit weird too, people have payed a lot of money to get a graduation cap but now there is some people in my class that won’t be wearing them because it destroys their hair o.O WHY DID YOU BOUGHT IT TO BEGIN WITH? D:
They also asked the others in the class if we all could skip the caps.. Pff, I payed for it, I shall wear it. When will I ever be able to wear it again? What a waste of money if I didn’t wear it on my graduation.
Okay I confess, I didn’t pay for my cap.  It was my dad.
BUT, I wanted to pay for it because it felt so grown up if I would have payed for it myself. But I waited and waited and waited for the bill to come, and then one day when I sit in the car my dad tells me that the bill for the student cap had come some months ago.

I: “Okay.” *Why didn’t he tell me?*
He: “Well, I payed it for you.”
I: “Okay, well I wondered why I hadn’t got the bill yet.”


But I am kind of glad that I didn’t have to pay it at the same time, because it gave me money to waste on other things xD My parents always tells me that I have to buy clothes and such stuff myself but it is very few times that they actually lets me do it xD

My mom said that we were going to go and buy shoes because they had really low prices during a small period. I didn’t have money at that time so she said that I could borrow from her and give it back the month after when I would have money again. So then when the next month came and I came with the money that I owed her then she said that I could keep them but I couldn’t tell dad because he would just complain and say that I must pay for myself. xD I start to think that my mom doesn’t want me to grow up x)

Then my mom buys me a dress, shirts, socks and underwear’s when they are away from home a couple of days and dad complains and says that I should buy those things myself.
Me “… But she bought them without asking me….”
Dad “… I know…”

He always says that I should buy things myself and tells mom to stop buying things to me but still he pays for things all the time xD Like when we were going to buy a book in school and I had to borrow money from him, when I were going to give them back then he said I could keep them. The same with the student cap, he payed it.

Parent logic is weird x)


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