Soccer, why have you Americans or if it’s Great Britain that has the name soccer I don’t know. But WHY have you named that sport soccer while football is a sport where you barely even touch the ball with the foot? 😮 I DON’T UNDERSTAND! (Sorry that I don’t know if it’s Americans or Britains that says it but I guess Americans, I just are too lazy too check it up)

In Sweden what you call soccer is named fotboll, fot=foot and boll=ball and you use the feet threw the whole game. The game you call football where you don’t even uses the feet is called rugby here. It doesn’t make sense to call a game where you barely uses the feet for football!

Oh well, I weren’t going to talk about that actually, I were going to tell you that I HAVE GRADUATED 😀 But I have to get back to school and get my grades on Monday -_-‘ And the reason I brought up the subject about football and soccer where because me and my friend were talking about it yesterday or today or maybe it was three days ago… DAMN MY MEMORY xD

Even though I were sick today I still sang like hell the whole day, then I have eaten a lot of cake at a friends house and I happened to find a card that my parents shall give me tomorrow xD hahah I guess that they will give me money x) And that’s good because I want to buy the twilight books in English (sorry, but I’m a twilight geek. But I don’t like the romance between Edward and Bella that much, I mostly just like the fights, volturi and Alice xD hahaha)

I only have those books in Swedish xb Then I want to buy that new twilight book in manga/comic style.

I am pretty sure my grandmother will give me money, she always does xD

I hope I will have any voice tomorrow when the guests gets here x) Oh well, I shall go now. Bye bye!


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