Graduation presents ^^

All my guests have gone home now and I am a bit glad for that x) I am too sick to actually be able to enjoy the party xD But it was fun anyways :9

I got 3250 Crowns from the relatives that showed up and my parents. (around 452 US dollar) A lot of flowers, three stuffed animals with graduation caps, a lot of cards, a book and a hetalia card game 😀

This is my graduation cap 🙂 It says Alec (my nickname) and Musik (Music which were my class) On the back of it there is a silver text with my schools name. 

This stuffed animals are really popular to give to graduation students  🙂

This one says “of the smartest species” Got it from my sister ^^

An ant with the text “diligence took you all the way here”


Then there were congratulation cards 🙂

Then there were a book “The spy”

A lot of flowers, won’t take pictures of all of them but here are one at least.

Hetalia card deck 😀

And the money :9 I’m going to spend a lot of them on the English versions of the twilight books xD So it will probably be 2500 left, maybe a bit more :9


On Monday I will get my grades so if they’re to bad then maybe I’ll have to give all the things back to my family because they don’t think I deserves presents xD hahah No, they wouldn’t do that 😉 I think I will get somewhat good grades ^^


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