Officially graduated!

Now I have officially graduated, I had my graduation last Friday but this was the last day in school so first today I am really done with school :9

It was so cute when we sat in the classroom, almost all music teachers were there plus our Swedish teacher ^^ And they gave us a mini concert (two songs)  x) Some people started to cry during the first song and then half the classroom were crying during the second song. (the second song were “time to say goodbye” But I don’t remember what the first song were.)

I didn’t cry though, I don’t think it has sunken in yet that I actually have graduated xD When school starts in the autumn then I will realize that I won’t start school and I will start crying too xD

I bought all the twilight books in English today, mostly because love stories just sounds ridiculous in Swedish xD Not because I like the love story in twilight that much, actually Edward and Bella annoys me a lot xD I think I have written about that before x) I like the most in twilight except Edward and Bella, weird? I don’t think so xD
Anyways, it costed less than I thought it would so I had some money left and for those I bough  six horror/thriller movies (very cheap) So far I have watched two and none of those two are any scary, but those were the thriller/horror movies, now I have the real horror movies left. Hopefully they are good :9 One of the horror movies is a Korean movie and another is Japanese, the rest is from America.

Now I shall change the subject, I hope you thank me for warning you of the subject change xD

My voice were so f**ked up today, sometimes I didn’t have a voice at all and sometimes I sounded like a guy and sometimes my voice were normal xD This sickness is killing me, seriously xD

Oh and I got my grades today 🙂 Did I write that before? Maybe, maybe not… Well, my grades were pretty good actually 🙂 I didn’t get any IG (F) so I’m pretty happy xD

In Sweden we have IG, G, VG and MVG (but now we have taken in A-F but it’s only kids that are born 1995 and later that gets those grades)
IG is like F
G is like C-D
VG is like B-C
MVG is like A-B

I got 14 G, 16 VG and 6 MVG 🙂 It’s not amazing grades but it’s good enough ^^ Mostly my VGs and MVGs were in music things but also some other courses like Japanese.

Oh well, I shall concentrate on my movies now, if any of them are interesting then maybe I will do a small review on them later.


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