I just can’t write about anything positive can I?

You know a thing that I really don’t like? (I try to avoid the word ‘hate’ now a days because it’s such a strong word but I will probably use it in the future anyways xD But trust me, I don’t hate anything, I just dislike a lot of things)

There is a lot of things I don’t like which you probably have noticed from my previous posts so you probably have a list up already of what it could be, but it’s nothing I have written about before xD

I don’t like that our synth (keyboard) is standing in the same room where my parents spend almost the whole day watching tv Dx I can’t practice singing in front of other people and I use the keyboard when I practice. I want it to stand in my room )x But dad will probably say no to that suggestion even though neither mom nor dad ever uses it. Dad only uses or guitars and sometimes our harmonica, jew’s harp or our accordion.

On the other hand, there aren’t much space in my room so it would be hard to put it anywhere in there, if I want to be able to open my wardrobe that is xD

Oh well, I should stop complaining! I’m about to recover from my sickness now, but I made a little mistake xD I started to sing today even though I weren’t totally fine xD The good news are that my throat didn’t start to hurt even though I sang like crazy, the bad news it that I started to loose my voice almost immediately after I started to sing x) Oh well, it was fun anyways xD

Btw, I have a bit of a problem with pictures here on wordpress, it started first today, before I haven’t had this problem. I usually copies a picture and just pasts it in to the post so that I won’t use up any space on wordpress by saving them in the gallery. Then I click on a little picture that shows up when I click on the picture I uploaded and then I can change the pictures size and such, but now I can’t get up the change options when I click on the picture on the picture (yeah, good explanation, I know!) So I can’t set the picture in the right/left corner or center it and I can’t make it smaller or bigger -_-‘ Hopefully I can fix this soon but maybe it won’t be much pictures in my posts because of that because I hate, Oops, I mean dislikes when a big pictures comes and then the text is a hundred scrolls down. xb I want my pictures small and on the side of the text.

Oh well, see ya later.  



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