Here comes the sun~

There have been some rainy days here in Sweden which made me a bit depressed and I didn’t want to write anything. But now the rain has disappeared and I am back to writing again. Actually the rain wasn’t the only reason I didn’t write, after reading the second book of true blood, that I don’t remember the name of, I decided to see how the tv series was.

I got pretty interested in it very fast, but not because of Bill. I hate him xD He looks like he could be her father xD I only watch it because of Eric, the first time he started to speak Swedish I were like “HE SPEAKS SWEDISH? :D” Then I realized that he were from Sweden and in true blood he plays a former viking xD hahaha

But anyways, during the last three days I have watched the three first seasons of true blood and I almost lost my jaw in the last episode in season three. I probably shouldn’t spoil it if there is someone that hasn’t seen it yet that reads this.

~Aaah I’m so happy, it’s finally sunny outside 😀 Rain makes me so depressed Dx Mostly because I walk thirty minutes three times a day every day and I can’t do that when it’s raining so I become kind of restless when I don’t get to walk.

And then all of a sudden the happiness disappears as fast as it came. Why? Because I still don’t understand that I have finished high school. It feels like it shouldn’t be over already, what am I supposed to do? I don’t feel like an adult that can take good decisions, I don’t even know what I want to do at the moment. Keep studying in Sweden at a classical music school or going to Japan and study Japanese or something else. I want to do things that I think is fun but at the same time I want to do something that actually gives me a job in the future.

I wish I were ten, if I were then I wouldn’t have a care in the world. I would just run around on the playground and have fun all day long and not care about what the future holds. And not caring about the teenagers that hates you xD

I really hate kids, okay hate and hate, I just don’t like them, they are annoying. Many of my friends have that opinion too x) They are annoying and loud and they don’t understand if you aren’t in the mood for playing around. For example, I have been forced to babysit my cousin a bit now and then and when I were younger I liked it but then I got older and I didn’t really like to run around like kids does and I mostly sat and watched anime or something like that. My cousin thought I were incredibly boring of course. So he always tried to tickle me and pull in me and all those things to make me do things with him. And I couldn’t scream at him that I didn’t want to because he were a kid and even though I told him nicely that I didn’t want to he didn’t really care about that. So he always irritates me when he comes over.

well well

My cold isn’t over yet, I still have problems with my throat so I can’t sing as high as I usually do and I get a raspy throat fast after I have started to sing. So I am kind of pissed off because of that. Does my throat think that I should take a break from singing just because i have finished high school? Pff, as if Dx

Oh well, I should get going now. It were raining the whole morning so I have only walked two times today, I shall take my last walk for today before I to the computer.
Btw, my picture problem on wordpress has been fixed. ^^


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