Don’t force your religion on me!

I have thought a lot of our graduation day since it happened a bit over a week ago. We spent half an hour in the church and heard a speech from the principal and some songs and such. What I have thought about is that they let the priest go up and have a speech about God even though a school law came 2011 that the schools can’t have any” religious influence” on the students.

This is what the law says (Swedish):
 Den nya skollagen trädde i kraft 1 juli 2011 och klargör tydligt att den svenska skolan är icke-konfessionell. Elever får inte utsättas för religiös påverkan och religiösa inslag i skolan inte är tillåtna.
Skolavslutningar får förekomma i kyrkor, fast utan inslag av religion.
Men det är tillåtet att sjunga ”Den blomstertid nu kommer” eftersom psalmen anses vara en tradition som starkt förknippasmed skolavslutningar.

English translation:
The new school-law came into effect 1 July 2011 and clearly clarifies that the Swedish school is non-denominational. Students aren’t allowed to be exposed of religious influence and religious features in school aren’t allowed.
Speechday (Graduation days, last day of the school year) are allowed to be in churches, but without religious features. But “den blomstertid nu kommer” is allowed to be sung because it is a tradition that is associated with Speechday.

It has been a tradition to be in churches on the last day of school in Sweden for a long time because we are a Christian country and I (as many others) think it’s a nice place to end the year. But now when we have so many new religions in the country, so many atheists etc. Can we really have someone talk about God?

I read an article today about this and the man that wrote it had a really good point. Everyone that goes in school doesn’t believe in God and not all people want to have something to do with this “God” to force people to go into a church and listen to someone talking about God when you don’t feel like listening to it that is just stupid. All people that are believers can go to the church any day they want, they can listen to a priest whichever day they want. They won’t miss anything just because they don’t hear a speech about God on the last day of school.

My own point of view is that we have to let everyone feel like they get to be a part of whatever it is. Like if you are playing a game then someone aren’t going to be left out. If we are going to let the Christian talk about their religion and their God during everyones last day in school then we have to let ALL religions have a speech about their Gods and believes. Atheists, Hindus, Christians and so on.
Why are we always hearing about the Christian God? We are in the 21th century, we should either let all religions have their voices heard during the last day of school or no religion. We have so many religions in our country now so we can’t just favorite Christians anymore.


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