Bloodsucking bastards ):

Hello people, today I got my first tick bite 😀 YAY
Okay, it isn’t that funny. Actually I’m so paranoid for getting a sickness so I can’t even go back to the bed D’x I have already posted about this topic in my other blog that I have on a roleplay site and I thought you could get to read that post too instead of  me writing it all over.

 “I decided around an hour ago  to go to bed, it was earlier than usual but I felt tired and I hadn’t slept good for some nights so I decided “well, tonight I shall get some good rest” So I went to sleep early (21:30) 

After twenty or twentyfive minutes I felt my toe itching and I had just started to feel really drowsy so I were a bit annoyed because it woke me up. So I started to itch my toe with my other foot. But it just made it worse so I sat up and looked at my toe while thinking “Hmm.. probably a mosquito bite or something” But then I see a black spot on my itching toe and I think that it must be some dirt, so I simply tried to push it away. But it didn’t move away so I looked closer and noticed that it were something that were stuck in my toe. So I took a firm grip around it and pulled and it came out. I looked at it and I think that it were a tick. 

I can’t say for certain though, I have never gotten a tick on me before so it could have been some other bloodsucking bastard but we don’t have any other than tick and mosquito what I know of at least here in Sweden so I suppose for the time being that it were a tick. 

Now I have a red swelling on my toe that are itching and I am too paranoid to go back to sleep T-T I don’t wanna die in some sickness ): Not because it is so usual that ticks carry some deadly sickness, but I can still be sick Dx I don’t wanna, I just got rid of a sickness. But it isn’t that usual for ticks here in Sweden to have a sickness…. I just got a headache o.O I’m sick.. I’m going to die T-T 

If this is the last thing you’ll ever hear of me then I just want you to know that even though I have neglected iwaku lately, I still love you guys T-T Farewell!”

I overreacted a bit but that’s just because I know my iwaku darlings so they know that I won’t die xD So if you wonder why I suddenly starts acting all weird in the next days then it is because I think that I am going to die any moment xD I will probably feel better in three weeks when the time period of when you still can get the symptoms of the sicknesses are over x)

I weren’t really going to write anything here today because I felt to tired and went to bed early, so if you wanted to read something then you should thank that tick. He tied so that you would get a post from me xD hahahah

Have a nice day bros, and don’t forget to watch pewdiepies videos now when he is back 😉


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