Life is shit and then you die! Wanna argue about it?

I were just on facebook and noticed that there were something I had clicked ‘like’ on three years ago and I thought it was such a ridiculous thing so I stopped liking it. So Then I decided to look at all the pages on facebook I have ‘liked’ threw the years so I could take away everything that I didn’t like anymore.

Then suddenly I found this group “R.I.P Marcus Jannes” and I thought for a second “Who the hell is that? o.O Why am I in this group? o:” But soon a little lamp lightened up over my head. “Wasn’t that the Swedish guy whom took suicide some years ago while a lot of people on  internet was watching him?”

So I googled it and sure thing, it was him. I had totally forgotten about that incident and still I were one of them who got really chocked and read all about it when it had happened. It was a huge discussion about it for some months, he had written in a forum that he were going to commit suicide but no one took him seriously and some even provoked him to do it, then he actually did commit suicide in front of his webcam (he had a livestream)

And this phenomena was something we Swedish people had only heard about happening in America and other countries. School massacres, people killing themselves and show it on internet, suicide bombers, that is things that doesn’t happen in Sweden. But in the end we had to admit that we are a country that is as fucked up as all other countries and we are people that are as fucked up as other people in other countries. So now we have gotten us a suicide bomber (not a very good one but we had one) and a person that killed himself in front of internet. Now we are only waiting for a school massacre, it has already happened in Finland so it probably is our turn soon too.

But this wasn’t what I were going to talk about xD

So he committed suicide in front of the whole internet or … at least the Swedish part of the internet. And for many month there were newspapers that wrote about it, there were people writing in the same forum topic that he had started that said things like “he were an idiot” while other wrote like “R.I.P :'(” And other tried to figure out why he did it… Some said that he wanted attention and wanted to be remembered.

Well, if that was what he wanted then it worked… for a while… But I wonder, how many people actually remembers him today? If we take away his family and the people that were close to him then it’s probably no one that thinks about him if they aren’t reminded.

The family of someone that has died in any way will always remember that person, friends will of course also remember. But people that read about something in the newspapers or sees someone kill themselves on internet they remember for a while, but only as long as it is still a fresh topic to talk about. When everyone stops talking about it then you just forgets it. I watched the video where he died (not the livestream, I saw them afterwards. I don’t know why I looked it up but I did.) And at that time I were chocked but today I don’t feel anything for him. I didn’t know him, and if I wouldn’t have seen the video of him dying then I would probably have gotten over it the day after I had read about it in the papers.

If people would seek fame by killing themselves in front of the webcam then they are fools, they will be remembered for maybe a year, then people will ask “Who are you talking about?”

I don’t think that he tried to seek attention and wanted to be remembered, maybe he wanted to be saved or tried to get out a message that we just haven’t understood. Or maybe he thought about being remembered forever for committing suicide online but it didn’t go so well. I have no idea, I’m not him so I can’t speak for him.

Rest in peace Marcus


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