Some sh*t my brain made up

I really like when I get online and checks my comments, or actually I check my spams because that’s all I get xD It is a bit funny that I sometimes comes to wordpress and as I see that I have gotten twelve new spam comments I also sees that I have gotten two visitors. I think the computers that sends me spam loves me more than the real people that reads this 😀

Seriously, I have no idea what I am writing at the moment. I am so tired so I could fall asleep with my laptop still on my knees. It’s only eight o clock and still I am this tired. Could it be because of the tick bite I got yesterday? On the other hand I have never been good with heat and now we are in the hottest period of the summer here in Sweden so I probably just have a bit of fluid deficit or something like that. I should drink more water but I am never thirsty so I never do drink anything xD I just eat. x)

I were waiting the whole day for someone to write in one of the role plays I am in and when someone finally wrote then I were too tired to write something. So I decided that I should finish watching the Swedish comedy show I were looking at and then I would take a walk and then I could answer the post. But when I got home I were too hungry so I made food instead and now I am in a ‘food coma’
I don’t know if you have that expression in English but in Swedish when we say food coma (matkoma) then it means that we have eaten and got really tired because of it. I don’t know if I got tired because of the food but I am still very tired.


Oh and if you wonder how it went with sleeping yesterday after the tick bite, I fell asleep around four in the morning xD I were a zombie when I went up seven hours later x) On the other hand, I am still a teenager so when aren’t I a zombie? :9

I shouldn’t waste your time any longer, and I think my dad will yell at me soon if I don’t get down and take care of emptying the dishwasher. I am way too tired to do this D:

Tomorrow will be chill though, my parents are going to a friends place to celebrate midsummer so I get the house to myself 🙂 I could have come with them but I don’t feel like traveling that much when I haven’t had a good nights sleep for four weeks. The two first weeks were because of school, then I got sick and slept even less and now my inner clock is just fucked up. It had always been but now it’s worse so I don’t wanna travel that much and we are going to see my brother on Sunday. I really don’t feel like going to two places in one weekend when I feel like this.

Oh well, I shall get down now and take care of the dishes, hopefully I can reply to one of my roleplays after that.


One thought on “Some sh*t my brain made up

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