One more of my depressing posts!

Once again my brain forced me up from the bed. I were so tired but somehow my brain still thought about these stupid things that made me paranoid xb It’s a bit weird, I have never ended up thinking about death in a way so that I can’t sleep two times in less than a week. It barely even happens once a year o.O

Maybe it’s because high school has ended and it feels like life is just flying by and it goes so fast so it will just feel like an blink of an eye before I am lying there on my death bed.

I wonder what I will think when I am old and lies in a hospital, waiting for death’s arrival. If I even get there, maybe I just die in my sleep or get driven over by a bus. At least I wouldn’t have to think about anything before I died if that happened. If I would lie in a bed, knowing that I soon would die then it would probably be very frustrating. But if I am old when that happens then maybe I will be more calm about it.

Maybe I should stop writing about such depressing things, especially since I wrote about the exact same topic the last time I wrote.

To ease the mood I give you this!

The picture is from
If you are bored or need to be cheered up then go look at funny cat pictures ^^


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