I have given my soul to the devil.. I mean roleplay!

I always think “Naah, I’m too lazy to post anything today” Then it ends with that I still posts something just some minutes before midnight xD

I don’t have any angry post to give you today. *hear peoples disappointed sights* and I won’t write about the stupidity of human kind today. *Crying sounds* Yeah, yeah. I know you don’t give a damn about me and just wants to read about some interesting shit that is about religion or death. Or both in the same sentence. “Today we finally saw the death of religion.”
If that ever happen, I will definitively start drinking and party like crazy because that would be a joyful day 😀 Because without religion there would be so many things people would stop fighting about x)

But I won’t write about that now.

I actually were going to tell you what I have been doing the whole day on iwaku roleplay forum.


Oh well, I haven’t been roleplaying much actually because I have kind of killed all my roleplays because of schools so I have just started up three new once (and continued on two old that didn’t die) But my partners is a bit …. slow! So I am booored Dx

I have been trying to start two new roleplays BUT one of the people hasn’t answered my message and the other is over analyzing everything and wants exactly every little detail of our rp planned before we start. I think it will end with our rp dying before it has begun. -_-‘

Right now I am poking one of my partners that said she would write yesterday but never did x3 She got a bit of a writers block I think so I tried to give her some ideas to what she could write. Hopefully she answers tonight ^^

I at least got to rp a bit earlier today, we are in a really awesome part of the rp. From the beginning we had two main characters and now we are up in five main characters xD We decided that the evil guys would be a bigger part of the rp so they somehow become the main characters too and we are doing like a two in one rp x)
But now we will be down on four main characters because one of the first two main characters just died a horrible death in front of his beloved whom soon are going to fall in love with the other guy in the story xD We got bored of the “perfect” guy so we decided to kill him off so that she could end up with the badass guy instead 😉

Well… We thought that was a good idea at least :3

Well now I won’t bore you to death anymore, the next time I will either talk about religion, death, gay people or something else that you actually wants to read about. Or maybe you don’t want to read about that either, everytime you come by my blog you just “Oh shit, I had forgotten that it was this person o.O We leave a like just so she doesn’t think she is totally worthless” xD

Naah, I’m joking (incredibly bad jokes though) I love you all. Goodbye!


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