First rage comic!

Sorry guys for not writing anything for the latest days. Not because you notice if I would be gone for a couple of days, or weeks, or months.. or years.. Actually, even if I died you wouldn’t notice that I weren’t here xD

Oh well, today I made my first rage comic about a thing that actually happened to me today.
I were thinking that I wanted a pizza really badly and I thought about going to buy it, because we can’t get pizza delivered to our doors here in Sweden. We’re not awesome enough for that. But then I thought that I had just gotten home from a long walk, I were exhausted and I really didn’t go out again because it’s too hot outside so I were in a bit of despair because I didn’t get my pizza.

Then my mom suddenly asked me if I wanted a pizza because they were going out to eat lunch so they could buy me one on their way home if I wanted it.

Holy sh*t.. HOW DID SHE KNOW THAT? 😮
So I wrote a rage comic about it and after six minutes I had three likes and one comment 😀 And people always complains about always getting down votes on their first rage comic x3 I’m badass xD hahaha


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