I always am able to get God or Death into my posts x)

I don’t understand how my post “Swedish swearwords/curses” can be so popular, and that it has stayed popular since I wrote it xD Is it just because it has so many curses in it?
I mean the post about hairy armpits, a gay green lantern or I just have to apologize for my bad humor is at least twice as funny as that one. The last one is a bit too new to get into that category but still.

But young people like to swear and to be able to swear in another language that must be the top of the iceberg for them :9 Like saying to your mom “You’re such a djävla kärring” that must be wonderful, your mom looks at you and asks
“What did you just say?” You look innocent and tell her 
“It means ‘a wonderful mother’ in Swedish.”
Later she comes back angry after having googled the words hundreds of times and finally found a translation.
“YOU LITTLE ************************”
That dinner will be funny 🙂


 Naah, I just came here to thank you for the 20th like and the 5th follower (I got the 5th follower a week ago but whatever) it only took a month, for the most bloggers it can take a year and they still don’t even get two followers or one like. I guess I’m a bit more funny than I give myself credit for.



I thought that I would get a lot of people that would try to tell me to shut up, that I am an idiot and don’t know what I’m talking about. And actually I hoped for that a bit, because then I would have something to laugh about (: Instead I get a lot of spam messages in my comments which makes me believe that only the computer loves me.

But, I get a lot of likes so it must mean something :3 I at least hope so…

This is my third post today, it’s because I have so much inspiration and I don’t want to write one post with a million things in it because then you will look at the post and after two seconds you will click it away because you don’t even understand the structure in it x)
Plus I should make up for the time I haven’t spent here the latest days. I looked at the computer, I were online at wordpress, I even had ideas of what I should write. BUT.. I didn’t.

For the most it takes at least a day before someone likes my post but now I were gone for an hour and suddenly I had six viewers and three new likes o.O It must be thanks to that bat that landed on my head 🙂


I don’t know if I will be able to write tomorrow, at least not during the day. Maybe I do it one in the morning (that’s in two hours) or I’ll do it the day after tomorrow because my friend has moved to Nyköping (a somewhat big city in Sweden that is as well-know as Södertälje but with less combustion gases and you can actually breath the air there. If you get into Stockholm you will probably die of the combustion gases)
I will be going to her house and celebrate her moving.
(did it get weird with all that text in the way between the sentence? xD that’s why you don’t read it)

I have some more ideas for posts that I have thought about during a couple of days and I maybe will post them today and maybe I won’t post them today. I am in a really writy mood so… xD writy, my new word x) hehehe
I’m in a write mood has such a boring sound so writy mood sounded better x3


Well, thanks again for following me and liking my posts :3 I have checked all your blogs after seeing your like or your follow, but there is very few blogs that I actually loves enough to follow x) Sorry about that, but I’m a hard client to please 😉

Just one thing before I end this, I just looked to the right on my computer screen and noticed that I have written blog as “blogg” Which is the Swedish word for blog xD That whats happen when you have to similar words in languages.
For example if I write “god” in Swedish then some English person can yell at me “WHY DIDN’T YOU WRITE GOD WITH A BIG G?”
“Because God is “gud” in Swedish and it isn’t a crime for us to write that name with a small G x) It’s bad etiquette but who cares about that xD
For you who wonders, “god” means “yummy” :9 So if we speak Swenglish (Swedish and English mixed together, teenagers uses that a lot)
Then we can get the word “God is god” x) heheh
But “god” can also mean fair, so either “God is yummy” or “God is fair/sweet”
I prefer the first one, if you can’t eat it then it’s no good x)

That’s all from me for this time, bye bye 🙂


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