Cried for nine hours!

hello hello :3

I haven’t been online for a while but I’m alive ^^

First I didn’t feel like writing for some days then I were going away with my parents and then I got obsessed with true blood and now I’m obsessed with vampire diaries :9
Yeah.. Only vampires xD

Today I took a pause from my vampire obsession and watched a Japanese drama instead, pretty bad idea actually xD I happened to find a tragedy drama and between the third and the eleventh episode I cried like hell. Nine hours with crying, that is exhausting!

But I will still recommend it because it is a really good story, okay that is a bit cruel to say. Well, it is based on a thing that happened for real and it is really tragic but it also is encouraging.

“1 litre of tears” Is the name of the drama, it is about a 15 year old girl that gets a sickness which makes her unable to move her body as she wants to and she struggles against this sickness for many years.

I’m bad at explaining a movie without giving away a lot of spoilers so you should just watch it yourself :9

I don’t think there is a English version of the book (her diary) out yet but you can still read it online,  it is fans of the book that has translated it and they haven’t finished translating it yet, hopefully the book will come out in English (or Swedish for me) soon ^^
In both the blogs you read from the last to the first post, from the bottom on the page and upwards :9 Just so it doesn’t confuse you 😉

(First three chapters)

(Has a bit more chapters than the other blog but they jump a bit at one point because the other blog had already translated that part so you can start reading at the first blog then continue on this.)


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