Rage comics

Oh my f*cking me (I don’t say God, I don’t think I should use his name when I don’t believe in his existence xD haha)
I made it to the front page on reddits f7u12 page 😀
I’m so happy, 240 likes so far 😀 40 dislikes that I don’t even see for all the likes xD

The thing is that it isn’t even such a good rage comic xD ahhaha I have done better, but they didn’t even care about them… GRRRRRR

Well, here it is :9

You can check it out here too: http://imgur.com/A1SRn
Right now it’s on the 17th place :9 And it keeps getting likes so maybe it will go up a few more places before dropping down 😉

I know I only seem to post my rage comics now a days and I’m sorry.. actually I’m not but, I HAVE BEEN BUSSY. I’m obsessed with vampire diaries so I haven’t found the time to write about things I hate with humanity xD I will come back and write about those things later 😉

Anyways, here’s some ragecomics I have done that I still haven’t posted here.

You probably recognize this if you have read my blog, it’s from when I talked about how I hated stupid people because they thought people should get kids just because they were married.

Everyone is doing the 45 page challenge on reddit so I thought I should also do it. On the 45 page in the closest book on the top of the page you will find out what your love life will be like.

You will never get your high school love, luckily I got over it pretty fast x3

When me and my friend watched paranormal activity for the first time, she got scared and screamed before anything had even happened and I just laughed at her, then I walked home from her eleven in the evening and it was dark but I wasn’t afraid x3 She didn’t like that xD

I tried to do the 45 page thing again to see if my love life would get better but.. I think destiny hates me xD


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