Roleplay characters in anime style!

Hello ^^

I know I am telling you in every post that I am going to become more active, and I am really working on it but I am really lazy at the moment xD

No, actually I have been working hard (the latest 24 hours)
I have made drawings of characters in a rp I have been doing for over a year, and it takes a lot of time. I’m not finished yet. I have two more characters to draw plus if I have time and space in the background then I will put in a couple of more characters (That are the main characters sidekicks)

Half done, only two ore characters!

It becomes a bit small on this site, here you can see it a bit bigger.
I will put up it later on deviantart when it’s completely done.

I am thinking about changing the background but we’ll see how I’m doing with that later.


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