The westboro baptist church (About Sweden)

Oh my… !
Right now I am reading at which is made by the westboro baptist church. I am checking what they have written about Sweden because they obviously hates Sweden because we accepts gay marriage and adoption by gays and all that shit that God forbid. Well, what did you expect from one of the least religious countries in the world?

Anyway, I am laughing my ass off xD Some of their arguments are just hilarious ^^ I can’t even get angry anymore when really religious people say something that I can’t agree with, instead it just sounds like jokes x3

I really want to meet these people someday, I imagine the meeting to go like this:
I see them standing on the street with their cute little fag-signs and I start to walk up to them. Then I say “Hello, I’m from Sweden, I am going to hell which I am going to enjoy because you won’t be there, and by the way I read that you thought all Swedes got raised to become whores, well I am still a virgin but I hope to loose my virginity to my future wife. It was so nice to meet you, bye bye.” And then walk away with a smile.
It just sounds like a fun idea x3

This is one of the things I read at their page:
2009 – The number of young people with HIV has tripled in the past five years according to recent studies. How could that be? I thought Sweden was so wholesome and holy.I guess not considering the fact that the ones that are spreading it are the fags! You little nasties! Sweden has effectively raised all of their daughters to be whores and all of their sons to be fags, the next thing you know, ALL of your children will be coming home in body bags!

Yeah, the fags are spreading HIV, it’s always the fags. All daughters are raised to be whores, doesn’t whore mean that you lie around for money? I don’t know a single person of my friends that has done that, and I have certainly not. And if everyone were gay, how can there be so many guys with girlfriends? x) Seriously I have known three gay guys and fiftyeleven (Yeah, I can count gooood) straight guys xD And what’s with the body bag? You don’t die because you’re a whore or gay or Swede. DUH!


Bestiality in Sweden was decriminalized in 1944 along with homosexuality. Need we say more about the fact that fags are beasts? I is not a crime to have sex with animals according to Swedish law as long as it is consensual. Say what?!? That’s right, apparently Swedish animals can talk, they can say either yes or no to their masters doing NASTY things to them. What the?!? Anyway, you can be prosecuted if the animal is harmed in the act. Unfortunately, veterinarians see many injuries done to animals but they can’t quite tell if it’s caused by bestiality. Seriously people, you wonder why you’re cursed of doesn’t take a brain surgeon!

The reason why they decriminalized bestiality was because it was written in the same part of the law as homosexuality, which was done from the beginning because we were a Christian country. Sweden is working on taking back the law that Criminalizes bestiality because not many people in Sweden thought it was okay xb DUH! Sweden made a mistake that now it about to bee fixed. Bestiality is having sex with an animal that can’t say no or yes but homosexuality is two people of the same sex that both says yes (for the most, or else it’s rape)

I have found one thing they say intelligent
How can you be a member of a church when youre a baby? How do you know if that baby has faith? This makes no sense!

I agree, in Sweden the most people becomes members in the Swedish church when they are born because their parents are. The parent’s didn’t have to allow it before but today it’s up to the parents if they want their children to get into the church or not. First when the child gets older they can decide themselves if they want to leave the church or not. It’s still pretty normal to Christen the children if both the parents has the same religion. I think, just let the children decide for themselves when they gets older.

I think they are so cute when they even check out or Swedish history just to try and find fags ^^
Christina of Sweden – Queen of Sweden (1626-1689) She spent her years as queen cross-dressing and defying her God. She preferred to company with men rather than women. The only reason she would company with women is when she thought they were beautiful and would court them (Ugh!).

You know what I say about her? :3
Badass 😀 I love this queen x3 I haven’t even heard of her before (We only learn about kings here xD hahaha)
Okay, so have I got this right? She defies God by cross-dressing, prefer guy friends and wants to court women. That sounds like me :9

You can check out what more they have written about Sweden here


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