To be(live) or not to be(live), that’s the question

It’s very easy to say “I believe in God” but it is harder to actually do it.

With that introduction I want to remind people that it isn’t just to say “You must believe in God or else you will go to hell.” Some believers seems to think that it is only to accept the religion, but it isn’t so easy to just start believing. It’s like if I would say to a religious person “Stop believing, it’s easy.”

It’s not easy to believe in something you don’t understand, just as I don’t understand God and can’t really believe in something that haven’t been proved to me in a way I can accept it. Some people just can’t accept that God doesn’t exists because they don’t understand a world without God.

Well, that was actually all I wanted to say. I have read some Christians vs Atheist threads and got a bit pissed. To start or stop believing takes time, you have to think and it can’t just be forced on you. Everyone chooses their own way in life and believes what they want to believe, why does everyone have to fight about it?

“To tell an Atheist that you will go to hell is like telling a person that don’t believe in unicorns that if they do something bad they will get stamped down by one” Magnus betneér, Swedish comedian with a really good point!


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