October starts with horror movie reviews

Wow, I am really a posting maniac xD

Now when October is here I thought that I would get more active again since this really is my month. And by mine I mean that I love Halloween and horror and such things. ^^

So I thought I would do something funny, I am going to give you tips on movies you should watch to Halloween. I am going to try and watch at least three horror movies every week and then write a small review on every one of them. I will tell you how scary it was, a bit about what it was about and how good I thought the effects were.

I may take some horror movies I have watched earlier and thought were good (I will re-watch them of course) Most of the movies will probably be from 2011-2012. I watch most of the movies online if I don’t happen to have them on DVD at home, so if you don’t have the movie or if the stores close to you doesn’t have it yet then you can always google on it and find it online.  Zmovie.tv is a very good site for movie watching since it has links to many different sources so if one player doesn’t work then you test the next one.

I hope I will be able to watch paranormal activity 4 during October, I think it will be showing in the cinemas on the 19th. But I don’t know if I will be able to see it at the cinema, so if a somewhat good version of it happens to get up on the internet during October then I will watch it. Hopefully I will be able to go to the cinema and see it, but in other cases I won’t see it.

The reason why I talk about this movie is because I saw the trailer and it looked like it would be much better than the other three. In the beginning when I heard that they would make a fourth I became pissed because the third was already bad enough. But once I saw the trailer it seemed like it could be totally okay.

And now I want to finish by saying sorry, I haven’t done any movie review in two years since I went filmkunskap (movie knowledge class or something like that in English) So I may not do a very good review, but I will try my best :3

Today I will watch paranormal activity two and three with a friend, I have seen them before but she hasn’t. So maybe I will make a review on one of them or both, just to get started with it. I have a list of movies I wants to see already, some of them are more saw and final destination like (not so scary, but a lot of torture) and others are scary ghost videos.

If you want me to see an old or new movie (that I can watch online since I can’t buy any movies before I have a job) then you can give me a comment and tell me what you want me to watch. It can be because you don’t know if you dare to see it or if you think it’s to boring to actually see or if you have seen it and just want to know if I think it’s scary too. Either way, just tell me about some movie and I’ll take a look.

(I can’t speak any other language than English and Swedish, I can a bit Japanese but not good enough to watch a whole movie and understand it. If it is in another language then make sure there is a version online that have subtitles.)


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