May (2002)


Directed by:
Lucky McKee 


Horror, Drama, Thriller 


May Dove Canady (Played by Angela Bettis) is the movies main character. May suffered a troubled childhood because of her lazy eye and grew up to be very lonely. Her best friend is a doll her mother gave her, and she often talks to it.

Adam Stubbs (played by Jeremy Sisto) is May’s love interest, she tells him that she are a bit strange which he replies to by saying that he likes strange. They start to date each other but he soon realizes that May is too strange for even him.

Polly (Played by Anna Faris) is working at the same place as May and soon she takes interest in May and starts flirting with her. 

The movie is following May after she has gotten contacts that would fix her lazy eye. Since she looked more normal she decided that she would try to be social and she started to talk with Adam whom she had an interest in. After some time they start dating because Adam likes that she are so odd. But their relationship soon goes wrong when Adam thinks that May is too extreme for him. May struggles to connect with people even though her personality doesn’t seem to be compatible with anyone.


This movie was one of the most disturbing movies I have seen in my whole life. It weren’t scary, it weren’t gory, when it became bloody then the blood looked a bit too orange sometimes. But even though the blood looked fake and it weren’t that much action, it still were a really good movie.

The way they have made May’s personality really gives me chills, there are so many things she does that seems so wrong and you just freak out because of it. There isn’t much happening in the movie for the first hour, it is like any teenage movie, a girl gets into a bad relationship. The only difference is that the girl is weird. The really creepy stuff starts happening first in the last half hour of the movie. That doesn’t mean that the movie is boring, the first hour is very interesting too.

This movie were able to scare me once though, I will give you a small spoiler that you won’t understand before you have seen the movie.
In the end of the movie a hand will be going towards the camera and it almost feels like it’s going to touch you. I haven’t screamed at a movie for some years, but that scene made me scream and I put the computer in one end of the sofa and myself in the other end. It weren’t really scary, it just felt disgusting and creepy.

I am amazed that someone can play a character like May so good as Angela Bettis did, when you get afraid of meeting this person in reality then you know that an actor/actress has done his/her job good.

I loved May, her personality was wonderfully creepy. One notch down or up on the crazy scale and the movie would probably not have worked at all. What I didn’t like with her character where how much she changed after one hour and ten minutes into the movie, then ten minutes later her character was back to normal again. I know that it was done on purpose but it feels a bit weird with such a big personality change. She could probably have done the same thing with a smaller personality change.


Plot: 5/5
Effects: 2/5
Scare-rate: 1/5
Creep-rate: 4/5

Over all:  3.5/5

Even though the movie weren’t scary at all it was still very creepy. I don’t think you should watch this at Halloween since that’s a night for terror. But the next time you don’t have anything to do and don’t know what to watch, try to find this movie and watch it. Then tell me if the last scene were able to freak you out as much as it freaked me out.


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