After four days I were able to find all (or at least the most) of my manga prenumerations. For you who doesn’t know what I am talking about, I lost my mail address so I had to make a new and try to find all manga I were prenumerating on.

While I were searching after all the manga I had read I stumbled upon a lot that I hadn’t read that I wanted to read, plus that some I were reading had been updated so I had to read the new chapters too. So it took longer time than it should. YOU CAN’T RESIST THE MANGA!!!

But now when I am finished with it I shall return to make horror movie reviews. Though I maybe have to go back on what I said before, about doing one review every day during Halloween week. It might be a bit difficult. My whole week has been occupied by parties with friends and such things, I can’t promise one everyday, but I will TRY to get one up everyday.

I shall try to watch a lot of movies next week and put up three of the reviews and then save the rest of the reviews and get those saved reviews up during Halloween week on days when I weren’t able to watch a movie and review it. After all, it takes around 1½-2½ hour to watch the movie (depending on the movies length) and then it take between 1 and 2 hours to write the review (I’m a slowpoke) So If I get back from a friends place at ten in the evening and have been gone for the whole day, then it’s most likely that I won’t sit and watch a movie and then make a review until half past one.

I have watched two movies (one Thai and one English movie) that I will get up probably tomorrow, and then I’ll make the third of the week on Sunday.


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