Now we have entered the year 2013 and that means new goals for the new year that I probably won’t be able to keep anyways.

So here goes something:
*Only eat candy/snacks on holidays or less
*Only drink soda on holidays or less
*Exercise more
*Eat more salads and fruits
*Vlog/blog more
*Get a job
*Take up my Japanese studies again

I have already failed the first one, I ate a chocolate when I woke up. xD But first January should be some kind of holiday so I’m excused right? ^^

Now I have to be social with my family. Have a happy 2013.
Gott nytt år 🙂


2 thoughts on “2013

  1. mintedmoose says:

    I dont think the chocolate counts… Afterall we are celebrating the start of a new year lol fair play to you for the japanese studies i heard japanese and mandarin a very hard to learn xXx

    • Actually, Japanese isn’t such a hard language. The grammar is very simple and as long as its written with hiragana or katakana then its pretty easy. The problem is often kanji since its 50,000 different letters which all can be pronounced in 2-4 different ways. There is 2000 kanjis that is necessary to learn to be able to read a newspaper, book or signs. Another hard part is the counting system since they have different words for counting objects for different objects. Humans have one, small animals have another, round objects have its own counting system. I think that most people knows around ten different counting system. But its possible to make it with only a couple of them, but it would make you sound like a foreigner if you use the wrong counting to the wrong things just cause you’re too lazy to learn the ten that is mostly used x3

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