PE everyday? Can’t beans be brown?


Sweden has become such a crybaby! We always complain even though we have a pretty good system. Nothing is perfect and you can’t make it perfect. NOT EVER. As fast as you have fixed everything that is bad you will just come up with something else that is in need of being fixed. And sometimes its things that isn’t a problem at all.

One example:
In Sweden we have brown beans that we have named bruna bönor (brown beans). Logical!
But now they think that it is racist to say brown beans so brown beans will now be named beans!

WHY???? THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT ARE OFFENDED IS THE WHITE SWEDISH PEOPLE… The immigrants in Sweden doesn’t even care about this kind of things… Brown is a f*cking color. In that case we should take away every color that is brown, red, white beige or yellow since all of them can be racist colors cause they are all skin colors. GIVE IT UP SWEDEN!!!

But that wasn’t what I were going to talk about. The real topic is what I read in the newspaper today.

Gym class 

In Sweden we have around one or two PE lessons every week depending on which school we are in. And everyone knows that you can’t only move around two times a week, you have to move around at least 30 minutes every day.

So today when I read the newspaper there was an article about PE teachers complaining on how few PE lessons we have. And I agree that we should have more than one lesson every week. Two or three lessons would probably be good, but not more than three and not less than two. At least that’s my opinion.

But they said that we should have 60 minutes PE everyday in our schools. They had a good argument for it, you think better during the day if you have worked out. But there are also a lot of things that can and will be bad PE EVERYDAY!

Here’s a small list:

  1. Bullying – Some people that aren’t good at sports, or are fat, are often bullied during PE lessons. Being chosen last in games like soccer and sometimes have to sit at the bench a whole match because the teacher isn’t paying attention to who has been in and not. If this happened every day, how would those people feel?
  2. Skipping lessons – People that doesn’t like sports or have a hard time with sports sometimes decides to not go to the lessons. If they would have PE everyday then its most likely that they will show up even less because once a week is already more than they are comfortable with.
  3. Time – Some people can’t handle having PE lessons just when they have gotten out of bed, so if they have it the first thing in the morning they might think about skipping because they are too tired to do it. If they have it as the last lesson before lunch some might skip because they are too hungry. If it is the last lesson at the day they might be too tired after a long day in school to be able to go through the PE lesson. If every class are going to have PE everyday, then some classes will get to have it on very bad times and some students will not show up. Of course this is already happening some classes in every school even though its only one or two lessons a week.
  4. After school activities – If people are sporting after school then it can become too much after some time to first have PE during the day then in the evening go and have soccer training for some hours. Some might enjoy it while others may quit their after school activity because it becomes too much.

Of course these kind of things are different for everyone, every person have different needs. Some people prefer a good book while others wants to run after a ball for hours without getting tired.

I think that its better to let the kids do their exercise after school if they want to do it, and not force them to do something they don’t want to do everyday for nine years + high school. For me, PE was torture during my nine first years and I would NEVER have gone to the lessons if it had been more than two times a week.

An argument people have for letting them do this in school is that many kids doesn’t have an after school activity, so they don’t move around as much as they should. Well, educate them and tell them that if they don’t move this much everyday then they will probably become fat diabetic people. Then it will be their fault for not doing anything about it!

Okay, that became too much, I know. What I meant to say was that if we educate them well enough then they will understand what they have to do to stay healthy. And I don’t mean to just say it once, really imprint it into their minds and show them horrible pictures of what they can become and movies about peoples life being ruined by fat and such things. Yes I think that scaring the kids can help a little bit. Not all the way, but a little bit.

So tell me what you think.
Do you think Sweden are lazy as fuck and should have more PE? How much? Two-three times a day or everyday?
Is after school activities enough?
Am I too cold hearted towards the kids?

Now I have not only talked about the small kids, I mean all kids from 1st grade all the way up to high school. And I finished high school just half a year ago so I still remember the pain of PE xD

Now I shall leave you all :3 Hope you enjoyed my ranting. Peace out!


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