The journey

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Sorry that I haven’t updated for some time ^^’ Bad me!

Today I sat down and read my Swedish speech ( That I put up last year) and I decided to write it into English so you guys could read it ^^ I think it was much better in Swedish than in English since I couldn’t find words that fitted with what I had originally written in Swedish. But it wasn’t too bad so I will still put it up 😉

This was written in my second year of high school. It was a oral test so I didn’t say it exactly as it was written. I got an A on the test 🙂
The theme we were going to write about was ‘a journey’

Here it is:
”I am going to talk about the biggest journey we will ever do, the journey some long for and others fear. The one no one can avoid to do at some point of their existence. Its either our last journey or it will be a continuation on the journey we have already started. Maybe that’s when the real journey starts. I shall talk about the journey from life to death. 

Many of us fear death, even though its something we can’t avoid. We probably fear it since we don’t know what will happen after we died, humans often fear what they don’t understand. There’s probably a lot of people that sees death as the last journey, when you die you will never wake up again. You will disappear into a vacuum of nothingness without memories, feelings or a soul. Everything just disappears. This is of course a scary thought for many, that everything will just end. Because if we just cease to exist without having known about our existence in life, what did we then live for? Doesn’t that make life meaningless?

But what if death only is the beginning of our journey, or the continuation of the journey we already started when we were born?

I have read a book written by Gabrielle Zevin that’s named Elsewhere. It’s about 15 year old Liz whom dies in an accident. She wakes up in ‘the afterlife’ where everyone ages backwards starting from the age they died. When they have reached the age of a newborn again they are sent back to the world of the living without any memories of their previous life.
I think this is a very interesting way to look at it, because if it were like that then we would be living in a circle that would never end. Which would mean that the journey would never end and there would never be anything to fear. Some people might fear death their whole life but then realize that all the energy they put on fear was wasted since there was nothing to be afraid of.

All of us have different opinions about what will happen after death, but everyone of us can probably agree that it is a journey we all must experience. The journey can be beautiful, but also horrible, which makes me think about this picture from Crysis 2 (shows a picture)
New York is destroyed and in ruins, one can assume that many people have died, but even though it is so sad and brutal there is still something beautiful in this picture. Despite the devastation this picture still makes me feel calm and peaceful. Maybe death is like that, even though it seems horrible for the rest of the world it might be peaceful and beautiful for the dead person.

But the only way of really knowing is die yourself. But that doesn’t mean that we should throw ourselves head first from a cliff because we are curious. Death is something that will come to us all eventually, and we should live our life’s happily until that day comes. Because if death would be the end of our journey, if our existence would be erased, then shouldn’t we have done something with our life’s that we can be proud over, so that we don’t have to lie on our deathbed with regrets? “

This was the picture I used in the presentation:


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