Where can we have privacy if not in our home?

Less than a month ago I noticed an article in a Swedish newspaper that made me rage. The reason was both the article itself, the sexism against men and because I thought that Sweden was above Americas level of suing people for meaningless things.

A 50 year old man walked around naked in his own house, also take notice that this man had a hedge outside his house so someone that just passes by would probably not see that clearly if they didn’t take a good look. But, a 30 year old woman passes by and sees this naked man in his home.

In a normal case in Sweden the story would end right there. She would turn her head and go away, pretending that she hadn’t seen anything. There was a hedge in the way, I don’t know how high it was but the paper says that it conceals some of the view. With other words, for her to see this man completely naked, she must have looked over the edge with her own free will, on his property.

So in this case the woman goes to her husband and comes back another time to the house, with her husband and records the naked man going around in his own house, on his own property, with a hedge in the way for others praying eyes.  And not only do they film it once, but twice.

This woman then goes to the police and says that this man sexually harassed her even though she didn’t know if he even saw her. She wanted compensation on 9000 crown’s (1350 USD) because she had seen him naked.

In the end he didn’t have to pay her anything.


So this man walked around naked in his own home, with a hedge in the way. He didn’t have any intentions of showing himself to anyone, and he simply felt like dressing (or not dressing) as he wanted to in his own house when no one was there. He didn’t do anything wrong.

She on the other hand looked into his house on more than one occasion, which I don’t really see as a crime, but a bit creepy. She and her husband started to record into his house, over the hedge to get proof of him going around naked. Ever heard of privacy?

Why not go to his house, knock on the door, tell him “hey, I’m sorry I saw you naked yesterday. Could you put on a robe at least?” Not even that would be okay, but more okay than filming an innocent man that likes going around naked in the morning.

If that had been a woman and a man had seen her and then filmed her to show in court. Then she would have been freed and right afterwards sued him for sexually harassment by filming her. No one would let a man do such a thing but apparently it’s totally fine if a woman does it. Why?

I have a very neutral look at genders, I think both gender should be seen as equals and only the individuals personality and skills should be judged. If they say that it would be wrong for a man to record a woman in this same scenario but the woman was justified because the man showed himself naked, then there’s something wrong. Either both is wrong or both is right and I can only see it as both is wrong. Women shouldn’t have more rights than men in certain questions like who shall have the right to the baby or if they become a rape victim. Men shouldn’t have more rights than women in certain questions like salary and jobs. We should get a job for our skills, we should take care of our children equally even if we have split up, we should get equal salary for the same job and rape is rape it doesn’t matter if its on a woman or a man.

Stop right now humanity! Stop this ridiculous suing for nothing! Stop this meaningless gender wars of who is more oppressed than the other! Just stop it!

I think that if we just stop looking at genders and just see people, persons, individuals, then the world will become a better place.

Here you can find the article if you know Swedish!



One thought on “Where can we have privacy if not in our home?

  1. Sam says:

    This really annoys me people canät even do what they want in their own home without fear of having peeping toms peering over walls or fences… fair enough if its something bad like child abuse or domestic violence. I like to walk around in the house in my underwear on a hot day (which in England is very rare) I make sure to shut the curtains not cos I am scared of me being seen but scared that someone might report me to the cops and that’s the last thing I want to get arrested for .

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