Probably the most normal dream I have ever had

I promise, I had plans on writing a lot during this week. Mostly about people I can’t stand… Which is pretty much the whole humanity. But my body decided that it wanted attention. So on the first day of menstruation I got so severe menstruation cramps so I could barely stand and I started crying totally randomly. When I went out for a walk when the pain had taken a break I almost fainted because the pain suddenly shocked me halfway on my walk. This happened during Monday and the pain is still not gone even though my period is.

So I shall call a doctor today and ask if he thinks it can be something serious or if I should wait until next month and see if I get as bad cramps then.

It might take some days before I post some really thought out post again, but trust me, I have a lot of ideas written down.

But now to the reason I am here. I had a fun and crazy dream tonight that I wanted to post so that I won’t forget it and so my friend that was in it can read it.


I dreamed that me and my friend Sara had started in a new school. We were very popular and everyone wanted us to join their house. Everyone lived in the school and there were different houses you could live in. The house everyone disliked was the yellow house and that was were we decided to go.

The yellow house decided to welcome us big times on a school event and made a really big musical thing. At that time we hadn’t sat ourselves on the yellow seats in the front nor had we put on our yellow shirts that would show our house, so no one knew which house we belonged to. I told Sara that we should sit on the floor for now, and that was because from there we had a better view, but also because I was a bit pissed off about not knowing they were making such an awesome musical and not letting me be in it. Seriously, if you are going to give me a musical in welcome present then let me be in it, that would be so much more awesome 😦


So the yellow house was a bit sad that we weren’t sitting in our seats and thought that we might have second thoughts about joining them. But they continued the play and we watched. And towards the end I told Sara that we should get to our seats instead. She wondered if it was okay since we hadn’t really joined them yet and still were thinking about which house to go to. But we ended up in the yellow seats anyway. (Why is she following me like a puppy anyway? O.o She would never do that xD ahaha)

So as we took our seats everyone in the audience started to do sounds, the yellow group made small sounds of happiness and the rest made sounds of disappointment. So after the performance was over I decided to yell a bit at the big boss in the yellow house that had done the whole thing without including me. So she promised that I would get to be in the next one xD. By the way, the reason we decided that we probably would join the yellow house was because they were the only house that actually had activities like music, musicals, theater, and all that. And for Sara I guess it was because every other house was filled with idiots. xD It was like five houses with different colors that all was filled with slytherin students.

After that we went back to the house, their house was of course the least pompous of all. They simply had some cabins at a lake. While the other houses was a bit more luxurious  I never got to see them in my dream, but they had all much more land (which I saw on a map) and they were too snobbish to ever live in a cabin xD.

We went out with the boat at some point which randomly started taking in water, just to show how poor their house was. But somehow we made it back into land before we sank. Some people from the other houses started to talk to us and told us not to hang around those idiots and come to their house instead. That made me angry and I yelled at them. (Pff, as if I would ever dare)

Later on some people from other houses started to discuss a plan to kidnap Sara and me to their house… Luckily I woke up before they had the chance to do it xD But it had been a fun adventure :3


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