Gender equality

Sometimes now and then when I hear people speak about equality I hear them take up women rights. We can’t deny that women have less rights in some issues, but that’s not the whole problem. Men also have less rights in some issues and are treated worse in some circumstances. Instead of focusing on only women rights or only men’s rights maybe we should focus on human rights.

Maybe I am stepping on dangerous ground when I talk about this, but that doesn’t mean that the problem shouldn’t be discussed. We are all humans and should be treated as humans. A girl shouldn’t be treated differently from a guy only because she is a girl, just like a guy shouldn’t be treated differently just because he is a guy.

One example where the two genders are treated very differently is when it comes to homosexuality. When people speak about homosexuality they mostly speak about males. In some African countries where homosexuality is illegal, men will get harsher punishments than women. In some African countries it’s even legal for a female to be homosexual when its illegal for a male in the exact same country. It seems that it is much worse to be a male homosexual than a female homosexual.

Here in Sweden we have it pretty good with the equality, but just as any other country we have places where it doesn’t work even though we are trying. The problem with Sweden is often that we are thinking too much about not being racists and too much about not being sexists. Instead of making us an equal country we are making ourselves into a stupid country. This is why:

A while ago I heard a story from one of my friends. She likes politics and often goes to different groups to talk or work with political things. Now I don’t remember the story correctly and I don’t remember where she were or what the work was. But there was one place she went to for a political thing where they wanted to be equal, so they employed people so it would be around 50/50 females and males. This sound like an awesome idea, but in reality it wasn’t. One of the females that worked there that my friend met didn’t do her job, and didn’t seem to have any idea what her job even was.

Equality is good, but that doesn’t mean that you have to have 50 % females and 50% males on a workplace. You should employ the people that are good at the job and can do their job, even if that gives you 70 % males and 30% females. The only way for us to actually make sure that it becomes fifty fifty is if in every classroom there is fifty percent females and fifty percent males that learns exactly the same things and wants to get exactly the same jobs. There might not be that many girls that wants to be plumbers and that’s why more men takes that education. So some jobs will have more men than females and some jobs will have more females than males. It doesn’t mean the workplace doesn’t treat their workers equally or refrain from taking in women.

So when is a workplace un-equal? 
When the person that employs people actually care more about the gender and actually tries to only take in people from one specific gender. The only way we would know if some workplace actually prefers to take in a certain gender would be if we actually got to look at the applications and see if someone that wasn’t employed actually would have been better fitted for the job than someone else.

Also we can see it on the way women and men are treated. A woman that works exactly the same hours, have worked the same amount of years and works exactly as hard as her co-worker that is a man should have the same pay as him. If they don’t get the same pay even though they started working at the same time and have the same amount of hours then they aren’t treated as equals.

It doesn’t matter if it’s men or women that are mistreated, both genders matters and they should be treated equally. We aren’t men and women, we are humans, we are people, and we should be treated as that. Instead of treating a woman one way and a man another, treat them as humans. Don’t hold the door open only for the woman that walks a bit behind you, hold it up for the human that walks a bit behind you. Can’t hit a woman? Why isn’t it, can’t hit a human? If someone hits you, it doesn’t matter if its a woman or a man, you have the right to hit back. Or you could be the better person and not hit at all. But don’t stop yourself from hitting just because its a woman, and don’t hit the person just because it is a man. Either you decide, if someone hits me, then I have a right to hit back. Or you decide, if someone hits me, whatever gender that person has, I won’t hit back.

Stop thinking gender, start thinking human!


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