Why is it always kids that saves the world?

Hello again, after cleaning my room and filled seven garbage bags I have decided to write another post today. Don’t forget to read my epic fail post about sex and children and leave a nasty comment on how wrong I am. Yeah I know, I am in a weird mood today. My room is damn hot, I have cleaned almost the whole day and I am sweating like a pig. 

But that isn’t what I am supposed to talk about. Me and my friend that I don’t know the name of (yes we are friends, we became friends some month ago but we can’t meet that often because we are in different classes and I have to hear peoples names at least ten times to remember the names. It wasn’t before the end of last year that I could the name of all my classmates and I still forgets them sometimes.)  talked a bit yesterday when we were outside. A bit about gays and such things but also about cartoons that were totally screwed up. But I will share that story with you later.

After some time we came to the subject anime, which is a subject otakus often come in to even if they didn’t mean to do it. But for the most you talk about positive things about anime when you are an otaku but this time we didn’t. Because somehow we came onto the subject of twelve year old kids (often women) saving the world.

Sure it is good that they do series with women  saving the world and not just men are in them, because for the most it is like five men in a team and one woman but in anime they often do the reversed. The problem is that these women often are 12 or 14 years old and have these really girly outfits. I prefer cartoon superheroes more because they have both better outfits often (both men and women) and doesn’t have weird names on their attacks.Don’t take me wrong, I love anime, even when they have weird superheroes that either has to be super manly or super girly. I’m just wonder, isn’t it a bit weird that a 12 year old girl shall save the world from monsters and aliens or things from other dimensions? I don’t say that they have to be 30 years old, but at least make them sixteen so that I can think seriously about their relationships xD

Well technically speaking ichigo is sixteen, in the English dub. Which I think is really weird. (Before I spoke about animes in general but now I am only speaking about mew mew, just so I don’t confuse you) They have changed the story in the English dub (and half the dubs in the world) They have changed the names and they have censored a lot of things (boobs, clothes, crosses) 4kids destroyed Tokyo mew mew. I know there are people that likes the English version but I can’t take that they changed the story so much in it. At least keep the story as it is. And why can’t they have a religion in cartoons/anime? That is real life, in real life we have religions and one of the members in tokyo mew mew had a christian cross (doesn’t really have to mean that she is christian but most likely) and they censored it and made it in to a stick?

But at least it isn’t as bad as in one piece where they took away all the cigarettes but forgot the smoke in a lot of scenes xD I think that some guys even had lollipops instead of cigarettes.  People smoke outside on the street all the time, don’t they think that the kids knows that people are smoking? Why take away the only thing in anime that actually shows how real life are? xD And then they want to hide the fact that Japanese food exists so they make the food more western like.

I just don’t get it, in Sweden if they buy the rights to dub a Japanese anime then we don’t change the story, we try to keep the story, we don’t censor things and such. Maybe they do the language a bit more kid friendly if they think that it is a bit of a problem but I don’t think Sweden have done any major changes in any anime we have dubbed. But I haven’t seen that many Swedish dubbed anime other than pokemon, only some episodes on sailor moon because I weren’t a fan of it when I were a kid. We don’t have that many dubbed anime shows, but on the other hand, they are always better in their own languages. Except sailor moon xD Because that girl that is the leader (I don’t remember her name) has a really annoying voice in both Japanese and English. In Swedish it is durable. Ichigo’s voice is also kind of torturous to the ears….

Oh well, I won’t write anymore tonight, I have school tomorrow so I should head to bed even though I’m not a bit tired. Only two more days and then I graduate 😀 Even though I have to get back to school on Monday to get my grades xD Why do we graduate on Friday but doesn’t get our grades before Monday? IT’S A WEIRD SYSTEM. And apparently they aren’t allowed to send the final grades in a letter if you miss out on that day, I don’t know why. When we got the grades in our first and second year then they could send us them with letters if we missed the day. But apparently our final grades are ‘special’.

Oh well, here’s a nice music video (not mine) that I want to share with you bros and non-bros.

Goodnight everyone ^^