10 things you shouldn’t discuss online (or 6 things I discuss online)

Hello again, I am slowly trying to become more active both here and the roleplay site I am a member on (Iwaku) Let’s just say that I haven’t been in the mood for writing so much lately. I have been tired and just not in the mood. We all have that feeling sometimes now and then I guess.

Anyways, I were reading some lists on listverse.com which is a very interesting site when you don’t have anything to do. (Also interesting when you have things to do but you know what I mean)

I have checked out a lot of lists and now I saw the list “top 10 things you should never discuss online” And I noticed that I have discussed pretty much of those things online xD

1. Religion
I have discussed that many times both in chat with people I know and people I don’t know and I have written about it here with pretty good response xD But I agree, it isn’t something you should bring up if you aren’t ready to get the haters on you 😉 It’s a pretty dangerous subject.


2. Origins of man (evolution and such stuff)
I don’t really agree, maybe it is because I am Swedish and everyone believe in evolution here so it never become a big deal of talking about it, but everytime I talk with people about origin of man it always ends pretty good. Both with people on the chat and people in real life. But I think that is because I am a Swede, no one can hate us after all 😉 Except the westboro baptist church, all Swedes are evil in their opinion xD Swedes will go to hell for being fag lovers, but what does it matter? If they are going to heaven then I don’t wanna be there x3

3. Politics 
I never bring this up in discussions because I suck at politics, mostly because I don’t care. It’s a pretty boring subject in my opinion, at least religion is fun to read about even though it’s mostly bullshit (in my opinion). So I will never know if this is a bad or good subject. But I can imagine that it is almost the same thing as talking religion, both side will never say that the other side is right even though they have the better arguments just because they want their own side to be right.

4. The holocaust 
Ehm… I’m from Sweden and have no idea what that is, so I’ll have to do some research and then we’ll see if I decide to discuss about it just to piss people off later x3 Apparently it has something to do with Jews (that’s all I know)

 5. Gun control 
Some countries have so loose rules on this. But I haven’t written or discussed this topic because we never have any problem with this in Sweden (as far as I know)  Maybe we’ll see a post about this in the future x3 (I sure have a nice hobby, trying to piss people off, why does it never work?)

6. Abortion
I have discussed abortion so many times so I can’t even count them… BUT I don’t think I have written anything about abortions here, maybe a small comment but nothing big. Why haven’t I thought about that yet? Oh well, it will probably come sometime soon. Some idiot will probably threw a idiotic comment about abortion being wrong and I will be here within the next five seconds writing about it.

 7. Race relations 
This is a topic that I like to discuss, mostly because people throw the word racist on people that didn’t even mean to do anything wrong (or worse, didn’t do or say anything wrong) And other people actually doing racist stuff and getting away with it. People becomes afraid of talking about things that they think will offend a specific “race” but it actually doesn’t. Anyway, I discuss and talks a lot about different races and relations and I still haven’t gotten haters over me xD

8. Jesus Christ 
I have never brought him up, not because I’m afraid of what people will say but because he’s just a dude. I can believe that someone like Jesus has existed even though I am an atheist, but I believe that he were a normal guy that just happened to be wise and people listened to him. Had nothing to do with God. He just seems like a historical guy that did some stuff, what more is it to say about him? I don’t see how it can become a discussion about him, except a five minutes discussion that then becomes about religion instead. I like to discuss about Abraham and Isaac more, seriously offer his own son because a voice in his head told him? I would love to discuss that with a believer and a psychologist, we three would have a awesome fight xD

 9. Homosexuality 
Here in Sweden it is pretty accepted actually, so I discuss it all the time online. So far I haven’t met people online that hate or dislikes homosexuality, but I have read a lot of news online about haters and seen documentaries about Christians (and other religious people) that wimp that it’s against nature. Well, nature have homosexuality too, there is homosexuality among birds, lions and other animals. HOW IS IT AGAINST NATURE PEOPLE?

10. The middle east
Just like politics this isn’t a subject I am so into, I know that it is shit in Palestinian and all those places but I know nothing about it. Which means I never bring the subject up.

So I usually discuss over half of these subjects online, if I knew anything about politics then I would discuss that too x) I don’t really know why I did this.. I was just bored.

Don’t forget to visit Listverse.com (A link to this specific list is higher up in the post) Have an awesome day guys and girls and non-gender and all-gender and I-don’t-know-what-you-are-but-I-love-and-hate-you-anyways,  stay awesome bros and don’t forget to check out pewdiepies new slender video when he plays with cutiepie 😉 (totally off topic)