Everyman sleeping schedule! I might go crazy, but that’s what life’s for

Hello, it’s me. You know, that person that said s/he would become more active and then stopped writing completely the day afterwards.
Yeah… I’m back now. I think.

I’m mainly back because I need somewhere to blog about my health under the upcoming weeks. And since I have a blog already I’m going to use it for that purpose. But I will start writing about the normal stuff I used to write about before too. (Was that normal?)

The reason I am going to write about my health is because I am going to start an experiment from tonight and two month’s forward. I will try the everyman sleeping schedule, which means sleeping for 3 hours straight and then take 20 minutes x 3 naps during the day. Instead of 3 20 minutes naps I will take one 20 minute nap and one 40 minute nap during the day, mainly because it seems to work with a work schedule much more easily.

The main reason for why I am doing this is because of my insomnia. If my body is able to adjust to my new schedule then I will be able to fall asleep much faster than my normal 1-4 hours with 2 hours at the average. If I force my body to only spend a short amount of time in bed then it should eventually get used to only sleep on those specific times…. Hopefully. If it doesn’t work out well, then I will stop it and return to lay in bed for twelve sleepless hours. (Over-exaggeration x1000)
Even if it is a success, I might still go back to a more normal sleep cycle with 6-8 hours of sleep. As I said, it’s mainly to try and get rid of my insomnia. But if I feel properly rested with only four hours of sleep and it doesn’t affect me in any bad way, then I might continue with it. Only time will tell how this will end.

The second reason I decided to do this for was because of time. I usually lie in bed for 9-12 hours and only sleep for 4-8 of those hours, both because it takes so much time for me to fall asleep and because I never feel well rested when I first wake up so I snooze for 2-4 hours before actually getting out of bed. That is time I could do so much better (or mindless) things on, so why not try a method that might give me the time I usually spend not sleeping or half sleep on?

So I will write about how this little experiment is going, how I feel, etc. The first week will apparently be a living nightmare, and I might turn into a zombie, but then it usually gets better. Though since my insomnia is a douche bag, I think it will take at least two weeks to adjust.

For the moment my schedule will be
Sleep 2Am – 5Am
Nap 11.20-11.40 (Then eat lunch)
Nap  18.20-19.00 (Dinner afterwards)

I’m also working on a work-out schedule and a list of things to do. Many people have stopped the everyman sleeping schedule because they got bored when they didn’t know what to do with their extra time, so I’ll better keep myself busy. I’m expecting the schedule to change a bit during the first month. Maybe I notice that one or three in the morning are better times to fall asleep on, and in that case I will start moving around it a bit. I might have to extend the naps to three small ones, or maybe just move them to other times.

So this will be an interesting period for me. Let’s see how horrible I will feel in the upcoming days. :3

You know what I remembered now…. We will soon turn the clock back to summer time again… Don’t know when exactly but I think it’s just a month or two away… … Which mean I will have to get adjusted to my new schedule shortly after getting adjusted to my new schedule.. … GUH! DAMN YOU SUMMER AND WINTER TIME!!!!



Some of you regular readers probably remembers that I am Asexual. Since I realized that I was Asexual I have always thought that my romantic orientation was Biromantic (Kind of like a default setting), since I can get strong feelings for both guys and girls.

Lately (some month’s ago) I started to think about it and I noticed that the feelings I have or have had towards people I date or have dated or I liked without them knowing it, is pretty much the same feelings as I feel for my closest friends. I started to look up Aromantic and other romantic orientations but fast thought that it was ridiculous that I could be Aromantic, and I didn’t find anything else that really matched.

Later on I started to search on Aromantic again, it was just something that bugged me and I had to really research it. Soon I found out that Aromantic people often gets stronger relationships towards their friends, and some of them likes to cuddle with their friends, which pretty much fits in on me. Soon after that I had completely realized that I probably are an Aromantic Asexual.

So for the moment I am thinking of myself as Asexual Aromantic. It might change in the future since I notice new things about myself all the time. Maybe I’m actually sexual but haven’t found the right person yet…. … *Tries not to laugh at that ridiculous statement*

So yeah, I just thought I should make a report over my sexual realization journey! Today I actually realized that if people had told me from the beginning that there were more than Heterosexual, Bisexual and homosexual then I might have been able to skip all that confusion about my sexuality throughout puberty! Thanks society!

On other news, I have now gotten tumblr. I will post shorter posts there and a bit more actively. On this page I write more lengthy posts with more thoughts about everything while there I will mostly talk about things in a couple of paragraphs. So if you’re interested in following me then check my tumblr. So far there is nothing of interest on it, but there probably will be in the future. I will also answer questions on it if someone is interested enough to ask.

I think that was all for today. Goodnight my fellow humans.


Now we have entered the year 2013 and that means new goals for the new year that I probably won’t be able to keep anyways.

So here goes something:
*Only eat candy/snacks on holidays or less
*Only drink soda on holidays or less
*Exercise more
*Eat more salads and fruits
*Vlog/blog more
*Get a job
*Take up my Japanese studies again

I have already failed the first one, I ate a chocolate when I woke up. xD But first January should be some kind of holiday so I’m excused right? ^^

Now I have to be social with my family. Have a happy 2013.
Gott nytt år 🙂

Go away snow!

I disappear for another month and I get a visitors record AGAIN! Why does people only come here when I am away?

Ooooh… Now I’m sad… you don’t like when I write stuff… *depressed*

I’m just kidding! x3

Anyway, my hair has grown out and now I am able to get all of it into a pony tail. FINALLY!!! 
We have also gotten snow here in Sweden. NOOOOOOOO!!

And the temperature is dropping lower and lower o.O

I have dressed the Christmas tree in black, and grey balls 😀 Balls? Wait what? … You know these kind of missunderstandings doesn’t happen in Swedish were Christmas balls is just named kulor… which also means balls… which… FORGET IT!!! It was probably only me who saw the pervy side of it anyways /(<_<)\

Time for a Christmas tale.. or not!
Yesterday night around two I decided that I were going to bed, then one of my friends on the internet told me “STAY UP AND JOIN THE GIRLS PARTY ON SKYPE IN TWO HOURS”
After some time she were able to make me stay, and then when it became morning for me and evening for her she decided to leave the party even though she said it would go on for the whole night. It only went out for five hours >_< I stayed with two other people for two more hours and then another had to leave then I decided to leave since I needed breakfast.

The whole day went by just fine without noticing anything bad about being up all night. Then it became four a clock in the afternoon and I half died in the couch xD

I woke up again around nine in the evening and felt like a … I don’t even know. I felt sick, my stomach hurt and ofc my period had started. I felt so bad so I seriously thought I were going to die if I went to sleep at that moment xD But I still went to sleep and I actually woke up to another day 😀

A weird thing is that my parents didn’t even notice that I didn’t leave my room or made any noise for five hours when I were sleeping on my couch… .. .. I don’t know if I should take that as a sign that my parents doesn’t love me enough to bother with me. Or if I should take it as a sign that I must leave my room more often so they actually notices if I die in there xD

Yesterday was the first day in my life that I actually spoke to people on skype. Usually I only type. I hate speaking in English because my accent sucks xD

Oh well, a really good thing with being the only non-English person on the party was that I could do a lot of  Swedish/English jokes with words like bra x3 I were using that word all evening (JUST BECAUSE I CAN) (it means good btw)

I can’t tell you anything that happened on the party because then the other girls would probably search threw all corners of Sweden, and once they found me they would torture me for hours before eventually I would die. They would probably not even let me die, they would just keep torturing me without letting me die for YEEAARS! Yes, I think they are that crazy… After all, iwaku is full of maniacs. (I’m talking about myself too)

Anyway… I won’t go out on any walks before all this horrible snow is gone Dx I will probably become fat during winter! (How did this have anything to do with anything?)

This was all for now 🙂 I will leave you with fart ^^ (Fart is speed in Swedish, what did you think about?)

SLUT! (The end!)

Is it just me?

I am so angry right now, maybe it feels worse than it should because it’s late.

An explanation maybe?

Well, I were going to check my mail around two hours ago to see if I had gotten any manga updates, instead I get to see that they have changed hotmail to something weird. But I think “okay an update, that’s cool. No prob.”
Guess what happened, PROBLEMS!!!

As I logged in they asked me to verify that it was really me, so I tried to do that five times in different ways BUT it still didn’t work. And I just didn’t get how to do it. When they asked for information so that they could see if it really was me then I could barely do any of it because
1. I didn’t put that much info on hotmail because I don’t like internet sites to have more info than necessary about me.
2. I don’t remember what my maps are named or who I sent a mail to last, I haven’t sent any mails in months.

I could answer on my name and some small things but I couldn’t get further than that, and then they say it’s too little information xb Well… I DON’T HAVE MORE INFORMATION ON MY MAIL ANYWAYS!!!!

I tested my other two mails and the same thing there Dx So now I have been forced to create a new mail address. So I have spent the latest hour with changing my mail address on every site I am a member on xb I have lost all my manga prenumerations and must find all of them AGAIN. And there were around 40 manga that had gotten new chapters which I hadn’t had time to check out yet, so now I have to find exactly which once that was and how far into them I were. >_<

I wonder if I should stay up to three in the morning and get it over with or if I should go to bed now and take it in the morning. I have had too much problem sleeping lately anyways so I won’t fall asleep before four-five in the morning, it doesn’t matter if I lay in the bed for five hours or spend them at the computer.

Someone else raging out on the new hotmail thing? Or maybe everyone has abandoned hotmail long ago and wonders why I am so old fashioned. Well, I just don’t want to change my mail name and get everything I have on that mail on to another mail. But now I had to do that anyways…

Luckily I didn’t have to change my mail name, I only changed it from @hotmail.com to @outlook.com, I am so glad I could keep my mail name, I hate learning new usernames xb I have even started to combine my usernames when someone else has the one that I usually have. I often goes for redblood or blackrose and when both are taken I just put them together blackroseredblood, PERECT… And now people can stalk me around o.O If you find the sites I am member on that is xD I am a geek so try manga sites and roleplay forums x3

The only thing that is good with changing mail address is that everything you have subscribed to that you later realized was annoying like hell and you want to get rid of but don’t know how, that is finally GONE 😀 And this time you will be smarter and not get it ^^ or you will get even more xD That’s usually how I work xD

I shall try to find all those manga’s I were reading now. I hope you look forward to my next review 🙂 It should be up in some days 😉 Bye ^^

Just another day


I haven’t written here for almost a month so I thought it was time that I tried to write something xD

I shall soon get my ass off this sofa and get to the bus to meet a friend of mine in Trosa. I always tend to forget my camera when I’m going out with friends, but NOT today. I have put it down in my bag together with my wallet so the only way to forget it now is if I forget my bag, but then I won’t be able to get to Trosa so I would be kind of screwed if I forgot the bag xD

So what have I been doing the last month? Mostly nothing, slept a lot. Watched a lot of vampire series x3 And I got so angry when I came to the end of vampire diaries, because now I have to wait until October before I get to see what happens next o.O

Also I have noticed that my phagophobia (Fear of swallowing) has come back a bit xb I don’t think I have written anything about it before… Anyway, I have had phagophobia since I was 10-11 and it comes and goes a bit. Right now I have trouble swallowing rise. Luckily we don’t eat rise much in our family xD

Well, I can tell you more about phagophobia later, now I’m going to get ready to get going to Trosa. Bye

Why you shouldn’t have your parents on fb and gender identity

Here’s a new rage comic I made today about a thing that happened a long time ago when my parents started to use fb (two years ago maybe) and I were obsessed with yaoi. I had intended to write a long post on why you shouldn’t have your parents as friends on fb because sometimes you forget about it and write things you don’t really want them to know about, like I did here xD

It’s not that I think they wouldn’t accept that I liked to watch gay couples in anime but it’s a bit hard to explain it to your parents xD

My friend had a situation where her mom asked about what yaoi was and that was when her boyfriend were at their place. Her boyfriend said that it was cartoon gay porn  (tecknad gay porr, was what he said in Swedish. So translated it isn’t really cartoon, it is more like drawn, but it can be translated cartoon too)
So my friend had a hard time trying to tell her mom that it wasn’t really porn even though some can be. Then she explained that shounen-ai and yaoi often both are called yaoi and shounen-ai is a lot softer than yaoi and that was what she mostly watched. Yaoi is shorter to say and sounds better so that’s why we use that word more x3

Sometimes I wish that my parents were more of google using people because if they were then they wouldn’t ask me about everything I posted on fb. But then they would have realized what yaoi were and I don’t know.. would I really want that?
But still, my dad asked me what “xD” meant…. *facepalm*

If you wonder why I make myself with a guy-rage-comic-face instead of a girl is because I usually have hairstyles that makes me look like a guy and baggy clothes that hides my boobs so that people won’t realize that I am a girl x3 The most of my friends have started to call me Alec or Alex but my mom and dad keeps saying Alexandra even though I don’t really like that. But they are my parents so I won’t argue with them about that I don’t like having a girly name. They barely say my name anyways :9 We don’t talk so much to each other even though we live in the same house xD

Some people have been a bit confused over how I see on my own gender and I heard from some of my friends that some people even were a bit upset because they never got a clear answer on if I wanted to be called he or she and if I saw myself as a guy or a girl.

Well, I can tell you that I am exactly as confused as you are ^^
I don’t feel like a girl but I don’t know if I feel like a guy either. I feel more like a guy though even though I don’t really know if you can really feel like a gender xD A really feminine guy I confess but still more guy than girl.

Sometimes I have seen myself as a person without a gender and sometimes I have felt like I have two genders, other times I have felt like I really am a guy trapped inside a girls body. I have NEVER really felt like a girl so I am positive that it isn’t my gender, but I still don’t think that I would really want to become a guy fully. I’m stuck a bit in between the both sexes and I don’t really want to choose one at the moment.

Sometimes I feel that it is ridiculous that I even try to figure out what kind of gender identity I have because it shouldn’t really matter. Instead of saying “I am transgender” “I am bisexual” “I am blablabla” I should just say “I am me” Then what sexual identity or sexual orientation for that matter shouldn’t matter. That will show itself with time anyway.

But at the same time it would be good to know what I want people to say to me, does I really like that they call me she or do I want them to call me he? I have never complained on that people say she and her about me but I have had a hard time dealing with that I have a girls name. I don’t really know what I feel about that people calls me her and she, maybe in the future I will want to get rid of that too.

But for the moment I have no idea what I want, I am only nineteen though so I have time to figure that out. ^^

This post wasn’t supposed to be this long o.O I were only going to post my rage comic but somehow I started to talk about other stuff.
Well well, see ya later ^^