Scandinavia and the world!

Good morning, or evening or night or afternoon. The most of my readers are apparently from America but it doesn’t say from were in America so they have different time zones everyone of them Dx

I like to check the summary of visitors because it feels like I’m in hetalia when I do that xD There we have Italy and south Korea and America and so on. (Yes Sweden visits me too but he is so gloomy)

I just came here a bit fast before breakfast to tell you about an awesome online comic that is a bit like hetalia but  more about the Nordic countries :3

SATW – Scandinavia and the world

Sverige.JPGIt is a online comic about the Scandinavian countries adventures. It is written by a Dane and the countries is stereotypes based on how we in Norths sees them. And our stereotypes differs pretty much from hetalias.

The main characters are Sweden, Norweigan and Denmark, which is the Scandinavian countries. The Nordic countries Finland and Iceland is also in the comic pretty much. (Of those two mostly Finland)

Both Hetalia and SATW shows many historical events threw their comics with countries that are like humans. They also use humor threw their stereotyped characters so that the history classes becomes a bit more funny.


Wikia- Finland.png

Just like in hetalia, SATW also makes some notes about how their comics show the historical event so that people actually learn from it. But if you don’t actually care about the historical in the comic because you think it would destroy the fun in it, then it’s just to not read about that. Personally I think that it makes it more fun to read about the historical event because the comic then becomes funnier somehow.

If you want to read the comics then they are here on this link
And if you want to know more about the characters you can go to the wiki about them.

And for you hetalia fans that wants some yaoi, there is two or three comics that actually gives some for you xD Just search for Japan among the comics and you will find them 😉