I just have to apologize for my bad humor

Today I have read a bit about unlucky things and urban legends and such things and I found some things I just had to share.

“If you trip and fall in a graveyard you will most  likely die by the end of the year.”
Wait here, I must go out and test if it works (: *no respect*

Sorry, I try to be a comedian but I don’t think it’s working! I’m going to be serious now.

“If a bird enters the house there will be a death in the family”

So if I buy a bird and take it into my house will someone die then? 🙂 A crow flied into my house once but it flied out right away, shouldn’t that mean bad luck and death in the family? I don’t remember anything happening that time :9 And everyone survived 😀 On the other hand, my grandfather died three years later. Maybe a delayed curse or something, like Russias seven or thirteen years curse (don’t remember how many years it was) It is said that after Russia had cursed Japan it took seven or thirteen years for it to take effect. So that crow must have had some three years delayed curse x3

“If you open your front door and are greeted by a magpie and it looks at you. Then there is absolutely not thing you can do. This is a sure sign of death.”
HOLY SHIT I MUST BE DEAD o.O No wait, that was a crow pheew 😀

There is some more on the death part but it wasn’t anything I could write anything about so if you want to read it you can read it here  http://superstitionsonline.com/

Now we move on to bats

Apparently it gives luck if a bat falls on you when you are indoors… I don’t know what you think but if a bat would fall on me I would probably scream “Dracula is attacking me D’:” and then run for my life. I would probably feel like the unluckiest person on earth xD

It’s unlucky to bring a bat into the house, it’s a sign of death… But if I take a bat in so that it can fall on my head would that give me enough luck so that the unluck seaze to exist?

“It’s a bad omen if a bat appears during a wedding ceremony”
Actually that would be perfect to my Dracula themed wedding, and if it falls on my head then it will give me twice the luck 😀

“Killing a bat shortens your life”
Dracula will get you!

Here comes a freakish list of freakish bats parts and how to use them:

1. “It’s lucky to keep a bat bone in your clothes.”

2. “Keeping the right eye of a bat in your waistcoat picket will make you invisible”

3. “Carrying powdered bat heart will stop a man bleeding to death or will stop a bullet.”

4. “Washing your face in the blood of a bat enables you to see in the dark.”

5. “Slipping a few drops of bats’ blood into someone’s drink makes the drinker more passionate.”
(from: http://superstitionsonline.com/animals-bats/)

Just one comment to number two, who needs a bat eye? Dress as Canada and no one will see you ^^ If you excuse me now, I must go and kill a bat so I can use its body parts to give me luck and awesome surviving skills x3