Some of you regular readers probably remembers that I am Asexual. Since I realized that I was Asexual I have always thought that my romantic orientation was Biromantic (Kind of like a default setting), since I can get strong feelings for both guys and girls.

Lately (some month’s ago) I started to think about it and I noticed that the feelings I have or have had towards people I date or have dated or I liked without them knowing it, is pretty much the same feelings as I feel for my closest friends. I started to look up Aromantic and other romantic orientations but fast thought that it was ridiculous that I could be Aromantic, and I didn’t find anything else that really matched.

Later on I started to search on Aromantic again, it was just something that bugged me and I had to really research it. Soon I found out that Aromantic people often gets stronger relationships towards their friends, and some of them likes to cuddle with their friends, which pretty much fits in on me. Soon after that I had completely realized that I probably are an Aromantic Asexual.

So for the moment I am thinking of myself as Asexual Aromantic. It might change in the future since I notice new things about myself all the time. Maybe I’m actually sexual but haven’t found the right person yet…. … *Tries not to laugh at that ridiculous statement*

So yeah, I just thought I should make a report over my sexual realization journey! Today I actually realized that if people had told me from the beginning that there were more than Heterosexual, Bisexual and homosexual then I might have been able to skip all that confusion about my sexuality throughout puberty! Thanks society!

On other news, I have now gotten tumblr. I will post shorter posts there and a bit more actively. On this page I write more lengthy posts with more thoughts about everything while there I will mostly talk about things in a couple of paragraphs. So if you’re interested in following me then check my tumblr. So far there is nothing of interest on it, but there probably will be in the future. I will also answer questions on it if someone is interested enough to ask.

I think that was all for today. Goodnight my fellow humans.


Old topic, new view

 How come my post Swedish swearwords/curses has been the top post since the day I wrote it exactly 6 months ago? Is that the main reason you people are visiting my blog? xD
Everyone wants to know curses in other languages so they can use it against their parents. Totally understandable ^^

No, I didn’t write two times in one day just to talk about peoples weird habits of wanting to know as many curses as possible. I came here again today because I read one of my old posts from 6 months ago where I told you that I were very confused with my mental gender. So I thought, maybe I should tell them that I’m not so confused anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still not completely certain, but for the moment this explanation seems completely logical to me. Maybe in two years I will be the opposite of what I am today, since you change as you grow x3

I am an asexual non gender who feels romantically attracted to both girls and guys.  (My gender identity, how I feel on the inside is non gender, but my body gender is female. Since there is people born as non genders who are both girls and guys biologically I just wanted to make sure no one got confused.)

This can be very confusing for some people. (I don’t know what’s confusing with it but apparently it is)
Asexual means that you aren’t sexually interested in any gender. NO SEX!
Non gender means that you don’t think of yourself as any gender. (I often wear guy clothes and tries to look like a guy, but I don’t see myself as a guy nor a girl)
And I feel attracted to people, but in a romantic way and not a sexual way. So I can be in a relationship, but I won’t have sex. (Will probably end up as an old lonely lady with ten cats and blue hair.)

So now you know, After six months (or 19 years) of confusion, I have found my true identity!! (kind of)
Sooo, now I guess I will go on like usual and not talk about it again…. I don’t even know why I am writing this …

By the way, I made a friend from… Somewhere in the world (I forgot which country she lives in xD I got to know it on the day when I had been up all night so I were in the same state as a drunk person, not my fault) drop her jaw for two minutes. I showed her a picture of when I were a baby, and a picture from when I were twelve and one taken just a year ago or something like that x3 Which I will show you right now 😀

Sooo, did you drop your jaw? DID YOU DID YOU DID YOU? I were so cuteeee and now… Now I’m just awesome x3 *Prussia has taken over my mind*

Btw, found this today and thought it was awesome 😀 Go to deviantart and favorite if you also think it’s awesome ^^