Everyman sleeping schedule Day 1

So as I said some days ago, I have now started with the Everyman sleeping schedule. I were supposed to start with it yesterday, but I turned off the alarm, laid down again and thought “I can just close my eyes for five more minutes”, and whoops, five hours passed by before I woke up again. Smooth!

Today it went better. I did fall asleep again, but only for an hour extra. So instead of three hours I slept for four hours. I have taken my first nap some hours ago, even though I couldn’t fall asleep at all. Which was weird cause I always fall asleep when I have a headache, and I have had a headache for two days now. I think it might be because I was awake for over 40 hours straight and then slept 7 hours on Sunday, 7 hours Monday and now I only slept four. So my body might be a bit sleep deprived. I’ll make sure to drink lots of water and hopefully this first week won’t be completely horrible.

This first day has been decent. I’m not feeling completely brain dead, though I do feel slightly tired. But not much worse from when I get eight to twelve hours of sleep. They say that the first day is pretty easy, and then things goes to shit during the last days of the first week.

Falling asleep haven’t been as hard as I thought it would be, usually I fall asleep first after 2-3 hours after I have gone to bed. But during the last two days I have actually fallen asleep during the first half hour. Probably because I’m not fully recovered after my 40 hours staying awake marathon.

So that was the update of the day. I have spent one night with the everyman sleeping schedule, I overslept with an hour, I’m feeling a bit tired but nothing severe so far, and things seems to be going fine.

I’m thinking about putting a bottle of water in my bed for tomorrow morning so that when I wake up I can drink it and maybe it will help me to get out of bed.

And that was all for today. See you tomorrow! Hopefully I won’t fall asleep on the keyboard. 😉


I have given my soul to the devil.. I mean roleplay!

I always think “Naah, I’m too lazy to post anything today” Then it ends with that I still posts something just some minutes before midnight xD

I don’t have any angry post to give you today. *hear peoples disappointed sights* and I won’t write about the stupidity of human kind today. *Crying sounds* Yeah, yeah. I know you don’t give a damn about me and just wants to read about some interesting shit that is about religion or death. Or both in the same sentence. “Today we finally saw the death of religion.”
If that ever happen, I will definitively start drinking and party like crazy because that would be a joyful day 😀 Because without religion there would be so many things people would stop fighting about x)

But I won’t write about that now.

I actually were going to tell you what I have been doing the whole day on iwaku roleplay forum.


Oh well, I haven’t been roleplaying much actually because I have kind of killed all my roleplays because of schools so I have just started up three new once (and continued on two old that didn’t die) But my partners is a bit …. slow! So I am booored Dx

I have been trying to start two new roleplays BUT one of the people hasn’t answered my message and the other is over analyzing everything and wants exactly every little detail of our rp planned before we start. I think it will end with our rp dying before it has begun. -_-‘

Right now I am poking one of my partners that said she would write yesterday but never did x3 She got a bit of a writers block I think so I tried to give her some ideas to what she could write. Hopefully she answers tonight ^^

I at least got to rp a bit earlier today, we are in a really awesome part of the rp. From the beginning we had two main characters and now we are up in five main characters xD We decided that the evil guys would be a bigger part of the rp so they somehow become the main characters too and we are doing like a two in one rp x)
But now we will be down on four main characters because one of the first two main characters just died a horrible death in front of his beloved whom soon are going to fall in love with the other guy in the story xD We got bored of the “perfect” guy so we decided to kill him off so that she could end up with the badass guy instead 😉

Well… We thought that was a good idea at least :3

Well now I won’t bore you to death anymore, the next time I will either talk about religion, death, gay people or something else that you actually wants to read about. Or maybe you don’t want to read about that either, everytime you come by my blog you just “Oh shit, I had forgotten that it was this person o.O We leave a like just so she doesn’t think she is totally worthless” xD

Naah, I’m joking (incredibly bad jokes though) I love you all. Goodbye!

Some sh*t my brain made up

I really like when I get online and checks my comments, or actually I check my spams because that’s all I get xD It is a bit funny that I sometimes comes to wordpress and as I see that I have gotten twelve new spam comments I also sees that I have gotten two visitors. I think the computers that sends me spam loves me more than the real people that reads this 😀

Seriously, I have no idea what I am writing at the moment. I am so tired so I could fall asleep with my laptop still on my knees. It’s only eight o clock and still I am this tired. Could it be because of the tick bite I got yesterday? On the other hand I have never been good with heat and now we are in the hottest period of the summer here in Sweden so I probably just have a bit of fluid deficit or something like that. I should drink more water but I am never thirsty so I never do drink anything xD I just eat. x)

I were waiting the whole day for someone to write in one of the role plays I am in and when someone finally wrote then I were too tired to write something. So I decided that I should finish watching the Swedish comedy show I were looking at and then I would take a walk and then I could answer the post. But when I got home I were too hungry so I made food instead and now I am in a ‘food coma’
I don’t know if you have that expression in English but in Swedish when we say food coma (matkoma) then it means that we have eaten and got really tired because of it. I don’t know if I got tired because of the food but I am still very tired.


Oh and if you wonder how it went with sleeping yesterday after the tick bite, I fell asleep around four in the morning xD I were a zombie when I went up seven hours later x) On the other hand, I am still a teenager so when aren’t I a zombie? :9

I shouldn’t waste your time any longer, and I think my dad will yell at me soon if I don’t get down and take care of emptying the dishwasher. I am way too tired to do this D:

Tomorrow will be chill though, my parents are going to a friends place to celebrate midsummer so I get the house to myself 🙂 I could have come with them but I don’t feel like traveling that much when I haven’t had a good nights sleep for four weeks. The two first weeks were because of school, then I got sick and slept even less and now my inner clock is just fucked up. It had always been but now it’s worse so I don’t wanna travel that much and we are going to see my brother on Sunday. I really don’t feel like going to two places in one weekend when I feel like this.

Oh well, I shall get down now and take care of the dishes, hopefully I can reply to one of my roleplays after that.

Here comes the sun~

There have been some rainy days here in Sweden which made me a bit depressed and I didn’t want to write anything. But now the rain has disappeared and I am back to writing again. Actually the rain wasn’t the only reason I didn’t write, after reading the second book of true blood, that I don’t remember the name of, I decided to see how the tv series was.

I got pretty interested in it very fast, but not because of Bill. I hate him xD He looks like he could be her father xD I only watch it because of Eric, the first time he started to speak Swedish I were like “HE SPEAKS SWEDISH? :D” Then I realized that he were from Sweden and in true blood he plays a former viking xD hahaha

But anyways, during the last three days I have watched the three first seasons of true blood and I almost lost my jaw in the last episode in season three. I probably shouldn’t spoil it if there is someone that hasn’t seen it yet that reads this.

~Aaah I’m so happy, it’s finally sunny outside 😀 Rain makes me so depressed Dx Mostly because I walk thirty minutes three times a day every day and I can’t do that when it’s raining so I become kind of restless when I don’t get to walk.

And then all of a sudden the happiness disappears as fast as it came. Why? Because I still don’t understand that I have finished high school. It feels like it shouldn’t be over already, what am I supposed to do? I don’t feel like an adult that can take good decisions, I don’t even know what I want to do at the moment. Keep studying in Sweden at a classical music school or going to Japan and study Japanese or something else. I want to do things that I think is fun but at the same time I want to do something that actually gives me a job in the future.

I wish I were ten, if I were then I wouldn’t have a care in the world. I would just run around on the playground and have fun all day long and not care about what the future holds. And not caring about the teenagers that hates you xD

I really hate kids, okay hate and hate, I just don’t like them, they are annoying. Many of my friends have that opinion too x) They are annoying and loud and they don’t understand if you aren’t in the mood for playing around. For example, I have been forced to babysit my cousin a bit now and then and when I were younger I liked it but then I got older and I didn’t really like to run around like kids does and I mostly sat and watched anime or something like that. My cousin thought I were incredibly boring of course. So he always tried to tickle me and pull in me and all those things to make me do things with him. And I couldn’t scream at him that I didn’t want to because he were a kid and even though I told him nicely that I didn’t want to he didn’t really care about that. So he always irritates me when he comes over.

well well

My cold isn’t over yet, I still have problems with my throat so I can’t sing as high as I usually do and I get a raspy throat fast after I have started to sing. So I am kind of pissed off because of that. Does my throat think that I should take a break from singing just because i have finished high school? Pff, as if Dx

Oh well, I should get going now. It were raining the whole morning so I have only walked two times today, I shall take my last walk for today before I to the computer.
Btw, my picture problem on wordpress has been fixed. ^^

Officially graduated!

Now I have officially graduated, I had my graduation last Friday but this was the last day in school so first today I am really done with school :9

It was so cute when we sat in the classroom, almost all music teachers were there plus our Swedish teacher ^^ And they gave us a mini concert (two songs)  x) Some people started to cry during the first song and then half the classroom were crying during the second song. (the second song were “time to say goodbye” But I don’t remember what the first song were.)

I didn’t cry though, I don’t think it has sunken in yet that I actually have graduated xD When school starts in the autumn then I will realize that I won’t start school and I will start crying too xD

I bought all the twilight books in English today, mostly because love stories just sounds ridiculous in Swedish xD Not because I like the love story in twilight that much, actually Edward and Bella annoys me a lot xD I think I have written about that before x) I like the most in twilight except Edward and Bella, weird? I don’t think so xD
Anyways, it costed less than I thought it would so I had some money left and for those I bough  six horror/thriller movies (very cheap) So far I have watched two and none of those two are any scary, but those were the thriller/horror movies, now I have the real horror movies left. Hopefully they are good :9 One of the horror movies is a Korean movie and another is Japanese, the rest is from America.

Now I shall change the subject, I hope you thank me for warning you of the subject change xD

My voice were so f**ked up today, sometimes I didn’t have a voice at all and sometimes I sounded like a guy and sometimes my voice were normal xD This sickness is killing me, seriously xD

Oh and I got my grades today 🙂 Did I write that before? Maybe, maybe not… Well, my grades were pretty good actually 🙂 I didn’t get any IG (F) so I’m pretty happy xD

In Sweden we have IG, G, VG and MVG (but now we have taken in A-F but it’s only kids that are born 1995 and later that gets those grades)
IG is like F
G is like C-D
VG is like B-C
MVG is like A-B

I got 14 G, 16 VG and 6 MVG 🙂 It’s not amazing grades but it’s good enough ^^ Mostly my VGs and MVGs were in music things but also some other courses like Japanese.

Oh well, I shall concentrate on my movies now, if any of them are interesting then maybe I will do a small review on them later.

Parent logic and hallucinations

I love how I always tend to get sick when I least want to get sick. Tomorrow I will graduate and I have become sick xD My throat hurts and my sinus is fucked up so I sound like a fucking cartoon character right now x) I have also had some funny hallucinations, both when I woke up after four hours of sleep and some later in the day. I hallucinated that a woman were staring at me and she looked like the grudge but without the white face Dx  It was creepy! That were probably because I had seen the grudge the day before and because I were so damn tired right then.

Then I got another hallucination when I walked to school, first I thought I saw a woman that were waving at me but it was a bird that sat and flapped with his wing.  (saw it like five seconds after I thought that someone were waving at me) Then just some meters later I saw a man standing on the street but as I got closer it only were a… I don’t remember what it was but something that wasn’t alive and it were human made. Then when I got to the bus station and were waiting for my bus I saw another person but that time it was a bike.

And all these hallucinations came just when I got sick? Coincident? Pff, I DON’T THINK SO!!!!! Now the grudge girl will haunt my dreams forever o.O

My class is a bit weird too, people have payed a lot of money to get a graduation cap but now there is some people in my class that won’t be wearing them because it destroys their hair o.O WHY DID YOU BOUGHT IT TO BEGIN WITH? D:
They also asked the others in the class if we all could skip the caps.. Pff, I payed for it, I shall wear it. When will I ever be able to wear it again? What a waste of money if I didn’t wear it on my graduation.
Okay I confess, I didn’t pay for my cap.  It was my dad.
BUT, I wanted to pay for it because it felt so grown up if I would have payed for it myself. But I waited and waited and waited for the bill to come, and then one day when I sit in the car my dad tells me that the bill for the student cap had come some months ago.

I: “Okay.” *Why didn’t he tell me?*
He: “Well, I payed it for you.”
I: “Okay, well I wondered why I hadn’t got the bill yet.”


But I am kind of glad that I didn’t have to pay it at the same time, because it gave me money to waste on other things xD My parents always tells me that I have to buy clothes and such stuff myself but it is very few times that they actually lets me do it xD

My mom said that we were going to go and buy shoes because they had really low prices during a small period. I didn’t have money at that time so she said that I could borrow from her and give it back the month after when I would have money again. So then when the next month came and I came with the money that I owed her then she said that I could keep them but I couldn’t tell dad because he would just complain and say that I must pay for myself. xD I start to think that my mom doesn’t want me to grow up x)

Then my mom buys me a dress, shirts, socks and underwear’s when they are away from home a couple of days and dad complains and says that I should buy those things myself.
Me “… But she bought them without asking me….”
Dad “… I know…”

He always says that I should buy things myself and tells mom to stop buying things to me but still he pays for things all the time xD Like when we were going to buy a book in school and I had to borrow money from him, when I were going to give them back then he said I could keep them. The same with the student cap, he payed it.

Parent logic is weird x)

Am bored in school so write some random shit that I come to think about totally randomly!

Wow I get on wordpress after less than 20 hours away and I have 14 spam messages in my comments. xb It’s a bit irritating!

I am in school at the moment and are waiting for a dinner for us seniors to start, it will start in one hour and thirty minutes. I would like to write a discussion about UFOs or why you shouldn’t have your parents on facebook or why Sweden are the best and worst country ever xD I have had so much freetime today so I have thought about millions of things that I want to write about xD BUT, I don’t have a program on the school computer that corrects my English writing and I’m from Sweden and I actually suck at English xD hahahah

You have probably noticed that even though I have had a correction programe x) I will give you a funny, a bit sarcastic, a bit mean, a bit worthless post tomorrow about how our society is a mess ^^ But right now I am going to be selfish and only talk about me because I don’t need a wordcorrection program to do that x) hehehhe

Today I shall tell you a little secret about me ^^ I am an genderless alien. Either that or I am Canada… Which I noticed today xD
It was so funny, me and my friend were going outside and suddenly a telephone seller came up to us and started to talk with us about such a good deal for a phone. So we came with him and listened for a while and he only looked at my friend and only seemed to talk to my friend even though he started to talk with both of us from the beginning xD Then my friend said no and he didn’t even seem to notice me even though I had said no if I had had the chance to do so xD And even though my friend had said no that salle person took up the phone and said “hold it, it’s not bigger than this” and then continued, then he wanted to see the ID even though my friend already had said no. But he got to see the ID and he checked on the computer and said “yeah this looks good” and so on. “So do you want it?” He asked then and my friend just “no, I already have a new phone” which he already had said a couple of times xD Then he didn’t even ask me for ID or if I wanted it and I just “o.O I AM CANADA :o” xD But I have known that all my life, people don’t notice me that often xD And sometimes it can be good, especially in this kind of situations xD hahah

I really hate these school computers because the screen is so big so I don’t know how big paragraphs I can write without it being enormous on my computer at home, or how small I can write without it only being two small sentences at the one at home. xD Hmm… I have over one hour and ten twenty minutes left to the dinner Dx What should I write, what should I write?

Okay here comes a nine point list of things that you probably don’t know about me! Or probably know about me xD

1. I have lived with phagophobia since I were eleven. (fear of Swallowing) (Can also be fear of being eaten alive but I don’t have that)
2. I love shounen-ai, also called yaoi. (I KNOW THAT EVERYONE KNOWS THAT ABOUT ME, BUT I LIKE SAYING IT xD)
3. I am a bit addicted to coke.
4. I have played “anybody” in the musical westside story.
5. I had a period in my life when I were obsessed with ghosts, UFOs, aliens and other paranormal stuff so the interest in it still pops up sometimes now and then.
6. I don’t really believe that love excists, I believe that it is just a feeling that humans have created themselves. (Hate is also a self created feeling) (will probably write a post about it sometime)
7. I don’t believe in a God but I do believe in a kind of nature spirit, it hasn’t created the earth it just got created with the earth and when we die we kind of returns to the nature. (It’s a bit hard to explain in short so I will probably make a big post about it one day)
8. I am writing a book in Swedish with the first chapter out on the internet (but I will change the first chapter now because I have decided that my character shall be a bit different than I wanted her to be from the beginning)
9. I believe that all humans are born equal and then they become better or worse than others depending on their actions in life! (I will probably write a big post about this too in the future)

Now I shall end this post with telling you another thing that happened a while ago.

When I and my mom and dad were going to a wedding then my mom said that I should have a dress, but I don’t feel comfortable with wearing a dress so I said that I will have a nice shirt and black jeans. And she told me a lot of times that I should have  a dress because I’m a girl. WTF? I don’t like dresses and I feel more like a guy than a girl, I don’t feel comfortable at all in dresses and there she is trying to put me in a dress. But in the end I got to have “guy clothes” if that really excists. (this was a year ago)
Then a while ago when my parents were away for the weekend and I were alone at home my mom decided to buy me a white dress to my graduation… … W.H.Y? For the first, I don’t feel comfortable in dresses so I weren’t going to wear one to begin with, for the second I HATE WHITE. Not because I can’t wear white now and then but I hate that you see right threw white clothes and the underwear doesn’t become completely invinsible wichever color you have on them. She is my mom and she should know a bit what I like to wear after all these years. Especially when I haven’t changed my style since 9th grade. Sure, it is a tradition for girls to wear white dresses in Sweden on their graduation day BUT it was a tradition for women to stand in the kitchen for hundred of years too and not have any job 😀 That has changed xD Okay maybe not the same thing BUT everyone doesn’t follow traditions, one person in my class are going to wear black and another one pink. If I would follow traditions then I would have gotten drunk on my 18th birthday party and on graduation, but I don’t because I am a non-drinker. And for me that is the same thing, I am a non-wearing-dresses too xD For me it would be as for a guy if he were forced to have a dress, it would just be embarrasing for me. I don’t care if I am a girl, I don’t feel okay with wearing dresses. So I won’t have that dress that my mom bought me.