Why you shouldn’t have your parents on fb and gender identity

Here’s a new rage comic I made today about a thing that happened a long time ago when my parents started to use fb (two years ago maybe) and I were obsessed with yaoi. I had intended to write a long post on why you shouldn’t have your parents as friends on fb because sometimes you forget about it and write things you don’t really want them to know about, like I did here xD

It’s not that I think they wouldn’t accept that I liked to watch gay couples in anime but it’s a bit hard to explain it to your parents xD

My friend had a situation where her mom asked about what yaoi was and that was when her boyfriend were at their place. Her boyfriend said that it was cartoon gay porn  (tecknad gay porr, was what he said in Swedish. So translated it isn’t really cartoon, it is more like drawn, but it can be translated cartoon too)
So my friend had a hard time trying to tell her mom that it wasn’t really porn even though some can be. Then she explained that shounen-ai and yaoi often both are called yaoi and shounen-ai is a lot softer than yaoi and that was what she mostly watched. Yaoi is shorter to say and sounds better so that’s why we use that word more x3

Sometimes I wish that my parents were more of google using people because if they were then they wouldn’t ask me about everything I posted on fb. But then they would have realized what yaoi were and I don’t know.. would I really want that?
But still, my dad asked me what “xD” meant…. *facepalm*

If you wonder why I make myself with a guy-rage-comic-face instead of a girl is because I usually have hairstyles that makes me look like a guy and baggy clothes that hides my boobs so that people won’t realize that I am a girl x3 The most of my friends have started to call me Alec or Alex but my mom and dad keeps saying Alexandra even though I don’t really like that. But they are my parents so I won’t argue with them about that I don’t like having a girly name. They barely say my name anyways :9 We don’t talk so much to each other even though we live in the same house xD

Some people have been a bit confused over how I see on my own gender and I heard from some of my friends that some people even were a bit upset because they never got a clear answer on if I wanted to be called he or she and if I saw myself as a guy or a girl.

Well, I can tell you that I am exactly as confused as you are ^^
I don’t feel like a girl but I don’t know if I feel like a guy either. I feel more like a guy though even though I don’t really know if you can really feel like a gender xD A really feminine guy I confess but still more guy than girl.

Sometimes I have seen myself as a person without a gender and sometimes I have felt like I have two genders, other times I have felt like I really am a guy trapped inside a girls body. I have NEVER really felt like a girl so I am positive that it isn’t my gender, but I still don’t think that I would really want to become a guy fully. I’m stuck a bit in between the both sexes and I don’t really want to choose one at the moment.

Sometimes I feel that it is ridiculous that I even try to figure out what kind of gender identity I have because it shouldn’t really matter. Instead of saying “I am transgender” “I am bisexual” “I am blablabla” I should just say “I am me” Then what sexual identity or sexual orientation for that matter shouldn’t matter. That will show itself with time anyway.

But at the same time it would be good to know what I want people to say to me, does I really like that they call me she or do I want them to call me he? I have never complained on that people say she and her about me but I have had a hard time dealing with that I have a girls name. I don’t really know what I feel about that people calls me her and she, maybe in the future I will want to get rid of that too.

But for the moment I have no idea what I want, I am only nineteen though so I have time to figure that out. ^^

This post wasn’t supposed to be this long o.O I were only going to post my rage comic but somehow I started to talk about other stuff.
Well well, see ya later ^^