Is it just me?

I am so angry right now, maybe it feels worse than it should because it’s late.

An explanation maybe?

Well, I were going to check my mail around two hours ago to see if I had gotten any manga updates, instead I get to see that they have changed hotmail to something weird. But I think “okay an update, that’s cool. No prob.”
Guess what happened, PROBLEMS!!!

As I logged in they asked me to verify that it was really me, so I tried to do that five times in different ways BUT it still didn’t work. And I just didn’t get how to do it. When they asked for information so that they could see if it really was me then I could barely do any of it because
1. I didn’t put that much info on hotmail because I don’t like internet sites to have more info than necessary about me.
2. I don’t remember what my maps are named or who I sent a mail to last, I haven’t sent any mails in months.

I could answer on my name and some small things but I couldn’t get further than that, and then they say it’s too little information xb Well… I DON’T HAVE MORE INFORMATION ON MY MAIL ANYWAYS!!!!

I tested my other two mails and the same thing there Dx So now I have been forced to create a new mail address. So I have spent the latest hour with changing my mail address on every site I am a member on xb I have lost all my manga prenumerations and must find all of them AGAIN. And there were around 40 manga that had gotten new chapters which I hadn’t had time to check out yet, so now I have to find exactly which once that was and how far into them I were. >_<

I wonder if I should stay up to three in the morning and get it over with or if I should go to bed now and take it in the morning. I have had too much problem sleeping lately anyways so I won’t fall asleep before four-five in the morning, it doesn’t matter if I lay in the bed for five hours or spend them at the computer.

Someone else raging out on the new hotmail thing? Or maybe everyone has abandoned hotmail long ago and wonders why I am so old fashioned. Well, I just don’t want to change my mail name and get everything I have on that mail on to another mail. But now I had to do that anyways…

Luckily I didn’t have to change my mail name, I only changed it from to, I am so glad I could keep my mail name, I hate learning new usernames xb I have even started to combine my usernames when someone else has the one that I usually have. I often goes for redblood or blackrose and when both are taken I just put them together blackroseredblood, PERECT… And now people can stalk me around o.O If you find the sites I am member on that is xD I am a geek so try manga sites and roleplay forums x3

The only thing that is good with changing mail address is that everything you have subscribed to that you later realized was annoying like hell and you want to get rid of but don’t know how, that is finally GONE 😀 And this time you will be smarter and not get it ^^ or you will get even more xD That’s usually how I work xD

I shall try to find all those manga’s I were reading now. I hope you look forward to my next review 🙂 It should be up in some days 😉 Bye ^^