Just another day


I haven’t written here for almost a month so I thought it was time that I tried to write something xD

I shall soon get my ass off this sofa and get to the bus to meet a friend of mine in Trosa. I always tend to forget my camera when I’m going out with friends, but NOT today. I have put it down in my bag together with my wallet so the only way to forget it now is if I forget my bag, but then I won’t be able to get to Trosa so I would be kind of screwed if I forgot the bag xD

So what have I been doing the last month? Mostly nothing, slept a lot. Watched a lot of vampire series x3 And I got so angry when I came to the end of vampire diaries, because now I have to wait until October before I get to see what happens next o.O

Also I have noticed that my phagophobia (Fear of swallowing) has come back a bit xb I don’t think I have written anything about it before… Anyway, I have had phagophobia since I was 10-11 and it comes and goes a bit. Right now I have trouble swallowing rise. Luckily we don’t eat rise much in our family xD

Well, I can tell you more about phagophobia later, now I’m going to get ready to get going to Trosa. Bye