Go away snow!

I disappear for another month and I get a visitors record AGAIN! Why does people only come here when I am away?

Ooooh… Now I’m sad… you don’t like when I write stuff… *depressed*

I’m just kidding! x3

Anyway, my hair has grown out and now I am able to get all of it into a pony tail. FINALLY!!! 
We have also gotten snow here in Sweden. NOOOOOOOO!!

And the temperature is dropping lower and lower o.O

I have dressed the Christmas tree in black, and grey balls 😀 Balls? Wait what? … You know these kind of missunderstandings doesn’t happen in Swedish were Christmas balls is just named kulor… which also means balls… which… FORGET IT!!! It was probably only me who saw the pervy side of it anyways /(<_<)\

Time for a Christmas tale.. or not!
Yesterday night around two I decided that I were going to bed, then one of my friends on the internet told me “STAY UP AND JOIN THE GIRLS PARTY ON SKYPE IN TWO HOURS”
After some time she were able to make me stay, and then when it became morning for me and evening for her she decided to leave the party even though she said it would go on for the whole night. It only went out for five hours >_< I stayed with two other people for two more hours and then another had to leave then I decided to leave since I needed breakfast.

The whole day went by just fine without noticing anything bad about being up all night. Then it became four a clock in the afternoon and I half died in the couch xD

I woke up again around nine in the evening and felt like a … I don’t even know. I felt sick, my stomach hurt and ofc my period had started. I felt so bad so I seriously thought I were going to die if I went to sleep at that moment xD But I still went to sleep and I actually woke up to another day 😀

A weird thing is that my parents didn’t even notice that I didn’t leave my room or made any noise for five hours when I were sleeping on my couch… .. .. I don’t know if I should take that as a sign that my parents doesn’t love me enough to bother with me. Or if I should take it as a sign that I must leave my room more often so they actually notices if I die in there xD

Yesterday was the first day in my life that I actually spoke to people on skype. Usually I only type. I hate speaking in English because my accent sucks xD

Oh well, a really good thing with being the only non-English person on the party was that I could do a lot of  Swedish/English jokes with words like bra x3 I were using that word all evening (JUST BECAUSE I CAN) (it means good btw)

I can’t tell you anything that happened on the party because then the other girls would probably search threw all corners of Sweden, and once they found me they would torture me for hours before eventually I would die. They would probably not even let me die, they would just keep torturing me without letting me die for YEEAARS! Yes, I think they are that crazy… After all, iwaku is full of maniacs. (I’m talking about myself too)

Anyway… I won’t go out on any walks before all this horrible snow is gone Dx I will probably become fat during winter! (How did this have anything to do with anything?)

This was all for now 🙂 I will leave you with fart ^^ (Fart is speed in Swedish, what did you think about?)

SLUT! (The end!)