Everyman Sleeping Schedule Day 3: An open letter to my brain

I don’t know how to say this nicely, but you can’t continue like this. I understand that you think you have something special with S, but she’s just using you. You must leave her before it’s too late. You’re my friend, I care about you, and I don’t want to see you hurt. So please, break up with the snooz-button before it’s too late, for both our sake. 

With love, from your friend and body, Alec

So yeah.
My brain decided to snooz for one and a half hour this morning. I vaguely remember waking up, sitting up and…. Nope that’s all i remember, I don’t even remember turning of the alarm or laying back down again. *Sigh*
I could accept four hours, but four and a half is to step over some kind of invincible, magical, fictional line… WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?

Either way, I seem to have developed an unhealthy snoozing habit the last couple of years, so I need to try and get out of that. I am not going to quit yet, I just need to have some extra time to get used to getting up immediately when I wake up.

The naps are going good at least. I’m not sleeping during them yet, but at least my body feel really relaxed and I can feel the start of falling asleep. But there is a bit to go before I will be able to sleep properly during them.

And i forgot the water bottle again. *Hits myself*. I was incredibly tired already from midnight, so when the time came to go to sleep, I had already turned into a zombie and just thought “beeeeeed”. I’LL DO BETTER TONIGHT… I hope :3


Everyman Sleeping Schedule Day 2: Rearranging

And once again I overslept. This time was a bit over one hour, plus I spent an extra hour in bed without sleeping. *Sigh* Who would have thought that this would be so hard for someone that is used to snoozing for four hours in a row?

Oh well, it seems like I am better at waking up at six in the morning than five, so now I will do the first drastic change to my schedule.

Schedule before:
02.00-05.00 Sleep
11.00-11.20 Nap
18.00-18.40 Nap

New schedule:
03.00-06.00 Sleep
11.00-11.20 Nap
18.00-18.20 Nap
23.00-23.20 Nap

So now I put on an extra nap and made the other nap a bit shorter. The hardest part now will probably be to stay awake until three in the morning. Even though I usually do it easily, the last few days have been hard just getting to two am. But I think the later evening nap will help with that (even though I probably still have some days to go before I actually fall asleep during the naps)

And I totally forgot to bring the water bottle with me to bed. Stupid! *Hits myself* I’ll definitely remember it tonight. I hope.

Day two and I’m still not feeling awfully tired. Though I have been sleeping slightly more than I should. On the other hand, I didn’t sleep during the naps, so technically I have slept the right amount of hours haha. Anyway, I promise, I will stop clicking the snoozbutton, I will bring water to my bed and I will not forget my naps. Which almost happened yesterday when I watched an anime and suddenly remembered that I had to check the clock. It was 2 minutes past six. Damn I’m lucky.

And that was the update for today. Even though it seems like I’m useless and just oversleeps, this is still going  much better than expected. I expected to oversleep with five hours for a week or so before I started to get into it haha. (Like I did during Monday)

Bye bye now 🙂

Go away snow!

I disappear for another month and I get a visitors record AGAIN! Why does people only come here when I am away?

Ooooh… Now I’m sad… you don’t like when I write stuff… *depressed*

I’m just kidding! x3

Anyway, my hair has grown out and now I am able to get all of it into a pony tail. FINALLY!!! 
We have also gotten snow here in Sweden. NOOOOOOOO!!

And the temperature is dropping lower and lower o.O

I have dressed the Christmas tree in black, and grey balls 😀 Balls? Wait what? … You know these kind of missunderstandings doesn’t happen in Swedish were Christmas balls is just named kulor… which also means balls… which… FORGET IT!!! It was probably only me who saw the pervy side of it anyways /(<_<)\

Time for a Christmas tale.. or not!
Yesterday night around two I decided that I were going to bed, then one of my friends on the internet told me “STAY UP AND JOIN THE GIRLS PARTY ON SKYPE IN TWO HOURS”
After some time she were able to make me stay, and then when it became morning for me and evening for her she decided to leave the party even though she said it would go on for the whole night. It only went out for five hours >_< I stayed with two other people for two more hours and then another had to leave then I decided to leave since I needed breakfast.

The whole day went by just fine without noticing anything bad about being up all night. Then it became four a clock in the afternoon and I half died in the couch xD

I woke up again around nine in the evening and felt like a … I don’t even know. I felt sick, my stomach hurt and ofc my period had started. I felt so bad so I seriously thought I were going to die if I went to sleep at that moment xD But I still went to sleep and I actually woke up to another day 😀

A weird thing is that my parents didn’t even notice that I didn’t leave my room or made any noise for five hours when I were sleeping on my couch… .. .. I don’t know if I should take that as a sign that my parents doesn’t love me enough to bother with me. Or if I should take it as a sign that I must leave my room more often so they actually notices if I die in there xD

Yesterday was the first day in my life that I actually spoke to people on skype. Usually I only type. I hate speaking in English because my accent sucks xD

Oh well, a really good thing with being the only non-English person on the party was that I could do a lot of  Swedish/English jokes with words like bra x3 I were using that word all evening (JUST BECAUSE I CAN) (it means good btw)

I can’t tell you anything that happened on the party because then the other girls would probably search threw all corners of Sweden, and once they found me they would torture me for hours before eventually I would die. They would probably not even let me die, they would just keep torturing me without letting me die for YEEAARS! Yes, I think they are that crazy… After all, iwaku is full of maniacs. (I’m talking about myself too)

Anyway… I won’t go out on any walks before all this horrible snow is gone Dx I will probably become fat during winter! (How did this have anything to do with anything?)

This was all for now 🙂 I will leave you with fart ^^ (Fart is speed in Swedish, what did you think about?)

SLUT! (The end!)

Some sh*t my brain made up

I really like when I get online and checks my comments, or actually I check my spams because that’s all I get xD It is a bit funny that I sometimes comes to wordpress and as I see that I have gotten twelve new spam comments I also sees that I have gotten two visitors. I think the computers that sends me spam loves me more than the real people that reads this 😀

Seriously, I have no idea what I am writing at the moment. I am so tired so I could fall asleep with my laptop still on my knees. It’s only eight o clock and still I am this tired. Could it be because of the tick bite I got yesterday? On the other hand I have never been good with heat and now we are in the hottest period of the summer here in Sweden so I probably just have a bit of fluid deficit or something like that. I should drink more water but I am never thirsty so I never do drink anything xD I just eat. x)

I were waiting the whole day for someone to write in one of the role plays I am in and when someone finally wrote then I were too tired to write something. So I decided that I should finish watching the Swedish comedy show I were looking at and then I would take a walk and then I could answer the post. But when I got home I were too hungry so I made food instead and now I am in a ‘food coma’
I don’t know if you have that expression in English but in Swedish when we say food coma (matkoma) then it means that we have eaten and got really tired because of it. I don’t know if I got tired because of the food but I am still very tired.


Oh and if you wonder how it went with sleeping yesterday after the tick bite, I fell asleep around four in the morning xD I were a zombie when I went up seven hours later x) On the other hand, I am still a teenager so when aren’t I a zombie? :9

I shouldn’t waste your time any longer, and I think my dad will yell at me soon if I don’t get down and take care of emptying the dishwasher. I am way too tired to do this D:

Tomorrow will be chill though, my parents are going to a friends place to celebrate midsummer so I get the house to myself 🙂 I could have come with them but I don’t feel like traveling that much when I haven’t had a good nights sleep for four weeks. The two first weeks were because of school, then I got sick and slept even less and now my inner clock is just fucked up. It had always been but now it’s worse so I don’t wanna travel that much and we are going to see my brother on Sunday. I really don’t feel like going to two places in one weekend when I feel like this.

Oh well, I shall get down now and take care of the dishes, hopefully I can reply to one of my roleplays after that.


Some thoughts comes at the worst times, like this night when I were about to fall asleep. It was almost one o clock in the morning and I had almost fallen asleep (I have insomnia so I can’t fall asleep so easily) Then all of a sudden my brain thought it would be funny to think about death and what happens after you have died. Just some minutes later I were siting straight up in my bed with death agony. xb Stupid brain!

For the most I think that death is a pretty interesting subject to talk about and I aren’t that scared of death (for the most of the time) but sometimes now and then I get a really scary thought that makes me really afraid of dying.

What if we just disappear after we die, what if there is nothing, what if we won’t remember the life we have lived and there won’t be anything on the other side. We won’t be able to think, remember, see, not anything. It would be like if we had never existed.

Sometimes I wish that I could believe in some kind of God or something like that because the most religions have something like a heaven or reincarnation or something like that. Then I would have been certain of what happens after death because I would believe in my religion. (I know that maybe not everyone in a religion believes in everything, but I want to be someone that could believe in everything in a religion so I wouldn’t be afraid)

Sometimes I envy people that has a religion, at least they believe in something. I just questioning everything and don’t have a goal in life and blablabla. But at the same time I think that a religion can push you back too because most religions have some rules.

I wonder what happens after we are dead… … I don’t mind going to hell, if I have to choose between hell and forget about life and not feel anything and all that then I would definitively choose hell xD An eternity with nothingness which we won’t even be aware of how it would be that is just scary. Probably just because I can’t imagine what nothingness would be like and I wouldn’t even know when I were there.

Hopefully it will take at least 71 more years before I die xD If I am like everyone in my dads family then I will probably become 90-99 years old x) I have no idea how it is in my moms family because we have never really made a genealogical search in her family but in my dads family they have gotten veeery old the last two hundred years.

Well, I shall leave you now. Bye bye ^^